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September 05, 2021 4 min read

Traditional fresh flowers are wonderful, but they fade quickly, making a bridal bouquet composed of actual flowers hard to keep for longer than a few days. Brides who want a one-of-a-kind bouquet they can stay forever might opt for a sola wood flower arrangement, which is an excellent alternative to its natural cousin. It's not difficult to make a lovely bouquet out of sola flowers. It is also possible to purchase wood flowers in bulk and take advantage of great discounts.

Sola wood flowers are produced from a marshland plant's renewable wood and resemble real flowers. They last a lifetime. The flowers have steadily grown in popularity over the years, and it's clear to understand why so many craftsmen are drawn to them. On the other hand, beautiful objects require extra care and attention to maintain their appearance for a more extended period of time.

Storing wood flowers is an easy task. A dry, temperate atmosphere is ideal. You need to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from severe weather/temperatures to minimize color fading;

If appropriately preserved, sola wood flowers will last a lifetime and simply need to be dusted once in a while. They must be maintained in a dry, non-airtight container since moisture will cause the blooms to mold. Flowers will live indefinitely if they are kept dry and exposed to fresh air.

Here are some suggestions for extending the life of sola wood flower:

·       Sola wood softener:

The sola wood softener solution is a transparent liquid mixture that is mixed in with the dye solution to keep the sola wood supple during the dyeing and drying process. What's interesting about this solution is that you can tell the difference between a raw sola flower and a colored sola flower dipped in a wood softener. To your surprise, the cooked version is considerably softer and squishier than the raw version.

·       Apply a Sealant:

Sealants are ideal for use on centerpieces that will be exposed to the outdoors. Sealants are required for sola wood arrangements for outdoor receptions to ensure that humidity, heat, or rain do not cause the sola flowers to bleed, break, or shed their petals.

For this project, a clear matte or satin sheen finish in spray paint can is ideal. Apply a thin coat of paint to the whole piece. If you go overboard with the glaze layers, your flowers may become brittle. If you want to utilize the glossy finish, do it strategically on the flower to draw attention to its most essential characteristics.

How to store wood flowers?

Wood flowers are simply amazing!

You can't stop gazing at and caressing the sola flowers because they're shockingly light as air, delicate, and beautiful, and you wouldn’t want to damage them by allowing them to mildew or become dirty. One of the significant benefits of sola wood flowers is that they may be kept indefinitely! All you have to do is to make sure they're safe and well-cared for, which shouldn't be too harsh.

Find a dry cardboard box or plastic container to store them in once you've removed them from their package. An airtight lid on the container is not allowed since it will trap moisture. However, you'll want to make sure it has some sort of loose cover, so your flowers don't become too dusty. Finally, the box should be large enough to prevent your fragile flowers from being squashed.

Cleaning sola wood flowers:

You may wish to clean your flowers at some time to ensure that they live forever and look lovely. So, what's the best way to clean sola wood flowers? Dust and mold are two difficulties that you may experience when cleaning your sola wood flowers. Mold shouldn't be a problem if you keep your flowers properly, and dust isn't a big issue with sola flowers, according to most individuals who have kept their flowers for years. But here's what to do if one of these things happens. There's generally no need to clean them if they haven't been arranged or colored and are just sitting in a box, but you may still apply the procedures below.

Caring moldy flowers:

Mold will grow if you live in an area with a lot of humidity or store your flowers in a place that doesn't enable them to breathe. Mold is blue, greenish, and occasionally black in color. It is fuzzy and spreads quickly. It's not a beautiful sight. Don't be alarmed if this occurs. Dip or spray your flowers in white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. The mold will be killed as a result of this. You could also do this with a toothbrush, brushing off any large mold pieces with the toothbrush before soaking the flowers in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

Cleaning dust:

It's interesting to note that most sola flower growers claim that dust doesn't bother their blossoms. One of the significant benefits of sola flowers over artificial flowers is this! Dust does not appear to collect on them, or at least not appear to be visible. However, if your flowers become dusty, there are simple techniques to clean them without harming them.

Canned air, commonly known as dust-off or air spray, can be used. It's designed to clean computer keyboards, but it also works well on dusting the nooks and crannies of your sola flower petals. Keep it at least twelve inches away from your flowers, and do it outside to avoid dust being sprayed all over your house.

Scenting sola wood flowers:

Essential oils and other scents are supposed to last approximately six months on sola wood flowers. However, several individuals report that their flowers continue to smell beautiful years after they were scented.

Because of allergies or dislike to smell, some individuals choose to buy sola flowers instead of actual flowers. If that's the case, don't worry; you may leave your sola flowers unscented! They have no odor other than their natural "woody" aroma. It smells earthy, honest, and gentle.

However, if you want your sola flowers to smell as good as the actual thing, that's also doable! Essential oils, such as natural aromatherapy fragrances, can be used.

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