May 07, 2020 2 min read

Many of us never think even for once that the wedding flower industry is not very eco-friendly. In most of the world regions, 50 to 70% of the wedding flowers are imported from Africa and South America, and contribute to transportation pollution. To pack these flowers, pesticides, fungicides, and chemicals are used that participate in contaminated drinking water, depletion of the Ozone layer, and a severe threat to the lives of flower-farm workers.

It is time to think about Mother Nature and contribute your part to save the eco-system of the planet Earth by switching toward eco-friendly alternatives of original blossoms. It’s time to choose natural fake flowers for wedding decorations. Sola wood wedding flowers are the best substitute for unique blooms in so many ways.

What are sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are natural fake flowers that are biodegradable. These wooden flowers are made up of natural ingredients, balsa wood that is handcrafted to turn into beautiful blooms. This wood is light weighted and ivory in color, sometimes remaining bark on the wooden sheet gives sola wood flowers a two-tone impact. These flowers made of wood can be dyed easily in any color, and their durability and natural looks make these flowers a better option than the real ones.

Benefits of using sola wedding flowers:

These fake flowers are affordable and allow brides and wedding planners to make their floral arrangements in advance to avoid any surprise on the wedding day. These flowers can easily adjust in any floral arrangement because of their flexible stems. There is all seasons availability that provides an opportunity for the couples to set a winter theme wedding in summers or vice versa. These flowers made of wood can also be used as the wedding cake decorations. Of course, you cannot eat these flowers, but using sola wood floral decorations for cakes can save a bunch of money for you.

The bridal bouquet is the most essential part of the wedding ceremony, and brides always have so much association with their wedding bouquet. They take hundreds of pictures to keep memories alive associated with their wedding bouquet. Sola wood wedding bouquet is unique in its own way as it allows brides to keep their wedding bouquet as a keepsake for the rest of their life. These sola wood wedding flowers are reusable, and couples can use these blooms after their wedding as different floral arrangements for their home.

Sola wood flowers are the best possible replacement of original flowers not only to keep our eco-system maintained but to avoid pollution too. These are pollen-free and scent-free also, and these features make sola flowers for gatherings where people with pollen allergy and scent allergy can be present. is contributing to saving the Earth in a way to craft high-quality sola wood flowers for weddings and other occasions. Form centerpieces to bridal bouquet and form flowers for Valentine’s Day to decorations for National day and Christmas, you can get a variety of sola wood blooms at affordable prices.

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