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May 26, 2021 4 min read

Flowers always play an important role in our home decor. Their appearance or colors can change with the seasons, but they create a genuinely great mood in the room – a calm, relaxing, and calming atmosphere.

Everyone enjoys purchasing fresh flowers for their home decor, but their budgets do not allow them to do so every week. Artificial flowers, especially the sola wood flowers, thankfully, have come a long way in recent years, and people now enjoy using them in their homes, weddings, and other events. Sola wood flowers always look lovely and add few personal touches that can really bring them to life. A good sola wood floral arrangement can last for years and can be used all year long in a home.

Sola wood flowers are becoming increasingly common due to their eco-friendly nature. There are many obvious advantages to these low-maintenance artificial blooms, such as:

  • Instant decoration
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Probably the best substitute for real flowers

The growing popularity of wood flowers proves that now your home decor is not limited by the seasons. You also don't have to be concerned about the flowers' survival, making them much easier to view and with no time constraints. You can put sola wood flowers anywhere in the house without worrying about them being damaged by direct sunlight. To make a sola wood flower arrangement look more natural, you need to style each stem separately before adding it to an arrangement.

Before buying sola wood flowers from a store or an online shop, keep the following two points in mind:

  1. Balancing Colors: Flowers that round out the current color scheme are a strict rule of thumb. For instance, if your walls are painted in bright colors, a white or earth-toned flower will look stunning. If your walls and furniture are earth-toned, a bright color flower will help tie the space together.
  1. Create a Focal Point: A simple design rule is that every space requires a focal point. You can do this by arranging flowers and artwork to draw attention to a part of the room. You may decorate a room based on the architecture, such as where a light fixture should hang or where a fireplace should be. If the architecture doesn't help you decide on a focal point, you can start with a piece of furniture and work your way up with artwork and plants. 

Now, take a look at a variety of artificial flowers and plants, as well as some styling advice from a talented home designer to help you fill your home with fake flowers to create a botanical haven.

·       Choose a beautiful base:

One or two main investment pieces that you adore can be used as the foundation for several vignettes and displays. Spending a little more money on a floral arrangement that will last for several years is well worth it.

·       Mix some fresh flowers or greenery:

Combine your sola wood flower arrangements with a few real flowers – or even just some greenery. It will give your design a more youthful look, and your guests will never be able to tell what is true and what is faux.

·       Make your windowsill shine:

A beautiful flower pot set on the windowsill is a classic way to display your plants. However, use flower pots in various shapes and with a relaxed expression to add some variety. Play around with how you show your flowers and be inventive. But here, you have to use faux flowers or some other type because sola wood flowers cannot tolerate extreme weather conditions, rain, and intense sunlight.

·       Dining table decoration:

When you invite someone over for dinner, the table should be arranged in a way that is both personal and exclusive. Using a pair of vases is also a great way to make your trendy table arrangement. Tablecloths in flint blue, off-white, or pure cashmere will give your dinner table light and elegant look. To add personality to your table, use a simple tablecloth and add vases with personality and small trinkets. Bring a touch of nature to the table with long-lasting sola wood flowers.

·       Trolley decoration:

Display your flowers and flower pots on a golden-colored trolley, and note how the organic hues of nature breathe new life into your furnishings. Terracotta flower pots are an excellent choice for a more natural appearance.

·       Fill home corner with beautiful flowers and plants:

Every home has a few corners that could use a few extra details – why not add a floor plant and flowers in a woven basket to give them a more organic feel? While this plant and flowers are artificial, they appear to be honest!

·       Switch up your vignettes:

Since your fake flowers will last indefinitely, you'll have plenty of opportunities to be imaginative and mix things up! Have some fun with them by moving them around. Make a lovely centerpiece with them, put them on your bedside table, or use them to brighten up your kitchen counter. I wanted to look at our front entry after changing things up in our dining room. I love the springtime pastel shades!

·       Bedside beauty

A posy of beautiful flowers on your bedside table is a lovely touch. The advantages are not just aesthetic. By simply adding an arrangement to your room, you can boost your energy and set yourself up for a good day ahead. Since your bedroom is the last place you'll see before going to bed, and the first place you'll see when you wake up, creating pleasing surroundings is important for a good mood.

·       Less is more

Sometimes minimal efforts are also equal to full effect in interior design. When it comes to flowers and plants, this is true; sometimes, the most straightforward addition yields the best results. When styling coffee tables for her designs, she strikes the perfect balance between dressed up and dressed down.

After all, design is all about the details and quality, not the quantity. Give your favorite flower or plant a stand-alone spot on your coffee table for an instant eye-catching effect. It's fun to think beyond the box when it comes to where you can put your floral arrangements. Remember that tables and sideboards are not the only options. Consider adding potted plants to a floor area, a mantelpiece, or a bare windowsill that requires a little something.

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