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July 10, 2021 4 min read

Though wood flowers are not new anymore for the wedding flowers industry, these blooms are still in the limelight. These lightweight faux flowers made from the bark of a plant are fascinating people with their elegance and long-lasting beauty. But do you know how long these perfect substitutes of natural flowers last?

Are wood flowers everlasting and ever beautiful?

Sola wood flowers are durable and long-lasting. These blooms have gained a steady fan following within the last few years. There is no rocket science involved in understanding the reasons behind the massive popularity of sola wood flowers. Many crafters, wedding planners, and brides are falling in love with it. But it is also a fact that beautiful and heart are throbbing things always need special care and attention to always stay the same or make it look that way for long. 

Woodflowers.com knows very well that there isn’t much information about taking care of wooden flowers and how to keep them looking as fresh and beautiful as you saw them for the very first time. This is the reason that woodflowers.com keeps your memory updated from time to time. This comprehensive guide is a memorizer to refresh your information related to these eco-friendly flowers to keep these blossoms pretty and in excellent condition forever.

How to craft and handle sola wood flowers?

Though your sola wood flowers are long-lasting with durable shelf life, you need to be gentle while handling your sola wood flowers. These are fragile enough to deform. As these flowers get wet, their petals become more delicate and need your proper attention during handing. So it is necessary to work with sola wood flowers with gentle hands and try not to get too harsh or rough. 

  • Your sola wood flowers become brittle after dyeing, and to avoid this issue, you can add a few drops of Sola Softener to your color mixture while dyeing these wooden blooms. Sola softener (glycerin) keeps your flowers pliable and soft from getting brittle.
  • Dye your sola wood flowers attentively. There is no need to soak the flowers for a longer time in color dye. Just a quick dip for a few seconds is enough for flowers to absorb the color.
  • Never forget to shake off gently to remove any excess paint from the sola flowers quickly after dyeing.
  • You can use a transparent or clear acrylic coating to get a shiny, nice, and glossy seal for added moisture and protection.
  • Only use hot glue, floral wire, or craft adhesives to stem your wooden flowers and avoid using superglue with your blooms made of wood.
  • If your flowers get squashed during transportation, just spray them with water and wait until they are completely saturated before reshaping them.

How to display sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are faux blooms, and they need no sunlight, water, or proper ventilation to stay fresh and beautiful. But still, you have to invest your few minutes in doing a few simple things to maintain the freshness, shape, color, and texture of sola wood flowers. Don’t worry, and it is not an overwhelming task.

  • The porous texture of sola wood flowers can accumulate dirt and dust quite easily, especially if the blooms are dyed deposition of dust gets accelerated.
  • Never avoid a weekly dusting of your sola wood floral centerpieces, floral bouquets, and other decorative items made of sola flower.
  • Sola wood flowers are porous, and this property makes these blooms so absorbent, so keep your flowers away from the humid room and direct sunlight. 
  • You can also place a small silica gel packet within the floral bouquets and arrangements to prevent moisture. Never forget to place a bag of silica gel in the airtight decorative option to keep the flower dry inside the container. 
  • Never lay down sola wood floral bouquets, incredibly round and posy shaped bouquets, flat on a table or any surface for a long time. This position of wooden bouquet may squish the flowers under it. Always use a display case as the best option to hold a sola wood floral bouquet to preserve its original shape.

How to store sola wood flowers?

These pretty buds need a little care and attention to last forever, but keep in mind that sola wood flowers are still organic products. These flowers are made of porous materials that allow molds to live in when exposed to humidity or moisture. Similarly, exposing these flowers to direct heat and sunlight can be just as bad. So, you must have to know the proper and accurate way to store these flowers properly.

  • Always make sure wood flowers are dry properly before storing them. Otherwise, they become prone to fungus and moulds.
  • Never use flowers just after dip-dyeing with acrylic colors, as these wooden blooms take about 24 hours to air dry. More dense wooden flowers may take more than 24 hours to air dry. When you paint sola wood flowers with spray paint, they dry quickly, so you can use those wooden blooms or store them right away.
  • Store your sola wood flowers in a breathable container that provides good airflow. You can use muslin or mesh bags to store wooden blooms
  • Never keep too many sola wood flowers in one container as they can get squished very quickly. Only place a handful of flowers in every bag to prevent your flowers made of wood from squishing and molds.
  • If you use plastic storage bins or plastic bags to preserve sola wood flowers, you can use a packet of silica gel to keep the moisture out.
  • Store these sola wood flowers in a cool, shady, and dry place in your home or workshop.


Woodflowers.com hopes that we have given you a few quick tips to take better and proper care of your sola wood flowers. Now you can take care of your wood flowers in a better way either when you use them to decorate your home or to use these flowers in a variety of different events, especially for wedding decorations.

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