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May 24, 2021 4 min read

"Mothers express their love unlimited, but a father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He shows you his love with his deeds." - Dimitri The Stoneheart

Indeed a mother and child share a unique, unexplainable, and beautiful heavenly bond. Still, it is equally valid that we cannot see mothers as the only caretaker of their children. Fathers play a similarly important role in their children's life. Of course, mothers have a more dominant role in their child's early years, but psychology defines that a strong bond between father and their children is essential. Strong bonding and emotional attachment between father and child contribute a lot to the psycho-emotional development and well-being of a person.

If the mother nurtures the tree of life by contributing as a root, then a father is the stem that supports the family and never lets them down in hard times. We often see them working hard to balance work and family life, and they always try to be there for all the significant milestones of their children.

Every year, we celebrate Father's Day to honor and admire the man called the father who raised us and provided an initial base to our ultimate success in life. But as every day is a mother's day, fathers also need appreciation that is not bounded to a particular day. Every day that makes us happy, strong, and successful belongs to the person whom we call father. There is no good time to gift your father a bunch of beautiful flowers, but when you actually feel him inside your heart, miss him, or need his support, just send him blooms that make him feel proud and happy to be your dad.

Choose flowers for DAD:

All of us around the globe are going through a tough time, where we have been asked to spend most of our time indoors, keeping social distancing, and putting our feelings to the test. During this challenging time, it is necessary to give a gift that binds us to the wonders of nature and expresses our love for our fathers. So, give the important men in your lives a flower bouquet, a floral flower arrangement, or even a lovely plant to show them how precious and important they are?

Men, like women, come in a variety of packages, so think about which flowers to get for your father! After watching a fresh flower bouquet wilt after a few weeks, practical dads would undoubtedly find it's a waste. As a result, a bouquet of sola wood flowers is the perfect option for sensible fathers. Fathers also enjoy colorful sola wood floral arrangements in both a vase and a bouquet, just like mothers do!

Best flowers for father:

Flowers have the ability to articulate any human emotion and relay your message because each flower has a unique meaning. Simply allow woodflowers.com to assist you with your sola wood flower collection if you are not sure what will be the perfect flower for your father:

1.    Orchid:

Joy, elegance, grace, and vitality are all represented by this delicate orchid flower. These lovely sola wood orchid blossoms would not only look gorgeous in your father's office, but they would also brighten his day. Don't forget that guys, like women, have a vulnerable side that enjoys flowers. Sola wood flowers are long-lasting, and your father would definitely love and appreciate these long-lasting flowers from you.

2.    Tulip:

Tulips represent passion. These are classic flowers, and like other flowers, tulips come in a variety of colors and have different names. You may choose pink ones to express concern, comfort, affection, and yellow ones to express platonic love to your dad, which expresses happy thoughts and sunshine. If you can't decide on a single color, give a multi-colored bouquet of multiple messages. You may also choose the color of sola wood tulips to match your father's favorite. You can get sola wood flowers in countless natural and artificial color options.

3.    Carnations:

Carnations are mostly synonymous with a mother's undying devotion, but people forget that they come in a variety of colors and have different meanings.

  • Dark red carnations represent passion and friendship
  • Light red carnations represent admiration
  • Pink carnations can be used to express thanks to your father
  • White carnations can be used to convey pure love and good luck

If you want to express more than one kind of sentiment, pair up sola wood tulips with other flowers like hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, and lilies.

4.    Daisies:

Daisies have come to symbolize pure love because they are made up of two flowers that merge together. According to a Celtic tradition, if a child dies, god spread daisies across the world to console the parents. This flower represents innocence, dignity, and joy. Sola wood daisy bouquets are often sent to new parents as a symbol of new beginnings. You can also present these lovely blossoms to your father to give a refreshing twist to your and his relationship.

5.    Rose:

Roses are solid and masculine flowers that grow tall and strong. Furthermore, if well cared for, they will last a long time. These flowers are undeniably one of the most adored flowers due to their simplistic appearance and potent scent. Sola wood roses are equally stunning and graceful in appearance and have the added features of pollen-free and scent-free. Wooden roses are perfect for fathers suffering from some sort of allergy or asthma.

A red rose is a powerful symbol of passion, envy, and lust. Show your admiration and affection for your father by giving him classic "I love you" roses. When you need to express your eternal love and care, an ivory rose may be presented. Select a white rose to honor the departed father and a red rose to express your devotion to the living.


While we often think of flowers as a Mother's Day gift or a perfect gift for women, trust flowers will please men. Never hesitate and express your love for your father with beautiful sola wood flowers!

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