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September 10, 2020 4 min read

Deciding about the wedding flowers is the most exciting part of wedding preparations for the bride after selecting her wedding dress. It can be overwhelming for brides to choose an ideal wedding flower option, especially when everyone around her wants to be her sincere guide and advisor.

Do you think choosing your wedding blooms is as simple as picking your favorite flower option and requesting to adjust that flower in your wedding theme and color?

I suppose you might be wrong.

There are unlimited factors and details to consider while trying adjusting particular flowers for your wedding theme. In the end, one thing is pretty clear that ultimately the choice of blooms revolves around your desire, and it speaks to you personally. There are many ways to decide what flowers you want:

  • You may choose to carry something with special deep meanings.
  • It is also good to focus on the symbolism of chosen flowers.
  • You can also select blooms that simply fit with the theme, style, and décor you have decided for your big day.

Follow your instinct, and there is nothing wrong about how you pick your wedding flower bouquets and centerpieces, and other floral arrangements. Keeping all these sentiments of you in mind, this blog is a small effort to help you to get a little break from wedding planning.

Here are some intriguing facts about wedding flowers that may help you narrow down your choices:

Be particular with your options!

There may be a long list of flower options you were working on for a long time. But it is now become essential to do your homework before meeting your wedding florist. Take some time to narrow down your options and figure out what you like most.

You need to do some research about the names of flowers you wish to choose from and also get some idea about floral terms like floral arrangements, kinds of centerpieces, and types of the bouquet.

Be meaningful with flowers!

Today brides are more trendy and style-conscious, and they carry their bridal bouquets just to add an extra touch of romance, elegance, and glamour to their overall bridal look. Being unique and stylish indeed looks fantastic, and brides of the past often use to carry distinctive items in their bouquet, but for some intriguing reasons.

The ancient Romans and Greeks were preoccupied with the threat of wicked spirits and used herbs and grains to bless the couple with fertility. All these old traditions do not exist anymore, but it is still appreciated to bring meanings to your wedding flowers.

Don’t be so unaware!

Flowers are indeed a big chunk of your wedding budget, and you need to see your dream coming into reality, but be realistic in the following matters:

  • Though there are many lovely flowers available year-round, real flowers have their seasons also. Maybe some flowers you wish to have will be out of season during your wedding time. You can replace real flowers with stunning sola wooden blooms in case if you get failed to arrange particular flowers for your wedding that are not in season.
  • Size of your bridal bouquet does matter. Don’t let your flowers overwhelm you. Choose a medium-sized bouquet that is not too heavy or too fragrant. Flowers can suppress you with their bold colors and broader appearance. Be reasonable with bouquet size and use fragrant blooms in moderation to avoid sneezing or pollen and fragrance allergy issues. In case of experiencing allergy problems, you can get sola wood mimics of fragrant blooms that are perfect substitutes of real flowers in terms of appearance.
  • Flowers evoke specific styles even you can reflect your wedding style while using particular flowers. For a romantic note, you can try soft, big blooms in lush arrangements, and traditional bridal blooms like peonies and roses arranged in tight bunches give classic vibes. Selection of vibrant flowers mixed with greenery and arranged in loose clusters exude a rustic feel. At the same times, for a modern style go for sleek architectural varieties in minimalistic arrangements.

Flowers come in a variety of colors!

Are you thinking of roses? But maybe you like purple or pink roses rather than traditional red roses. Be particular with your options. It is crucial to clear which flower do you like in what color. Many flowers come in a variety of colors, but there are some with limited color options too.

With real flowers, you need to obey the rules of nature and have to remain stick with color options for various flowers available naturally. Sola wood blooms are originally ivory in color. Still, these blooms are so easy to dye, and you can pick your favorite flower in countless color options.

Floral arrangements are not about bouquet and centerpieces only!

Bridal bouquet and floral centrepieces are the two main items that come in your mind when you start thinking about floral wedding arrangements. But there is much more than these two floral items like:

  • How the aisle looks when you walk up and down?
  • All eyes will give attention to the altar when you say ‘’I do’’.
  • What will be the background behind your first kiss?
  • How stunning will be the entrance of your wedding venue?
  • Where will you conduct your wedding photo session?

All these situations need flowers to be attractive and heart throbbing, so you also have to work on these issues. There are many more floral items require for wedding celebrations like corsages, floral jewelry for the bride, boutonnieres, etc.


Your wedding flowers are meant to make you happy, and there are many kinds of rules for choosing, but you are free to break the rules. To make your wedding day unforgettable and according to your expectations, you have so many floral options. 

Sola wood flowers are right wedding flowers because of their versatility, durability, and affordability. These blooms are rapidly replacing real flowers in the wedding industry and opening horizons of choices for brides to dream anything floral she loves to make her wedding day even more special.

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