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March 20, 2021 5 min read

Though real flowers and plants can help create positive energy, the pollen, fragrance, and possible allergies they can carry indoors can have the opposite effect. If you're constantly sneezing and searching for a tissue, it's unlikely that you'll be able to enjoy your bed.

So, how do you integrate the optimistic visual elegance of flowers and plants into Feng Shui without the negative wheezing and sneezing?

Are artificial flowers good for Feng Shui?

Of course, real flowers are ideal for bringing Feng Shui inside a house, but if someone cannot keep a live plant or flowers alive, then considering faux flowers is not a bad option. Artificial flowers and plants such as high-quality artificial silk flowers can incorporate the positive, visual beauty of flowers inside your home areas where adequate sunlight cannot reach.

Dusting fake flowers and plants daily keeps them looking beautiful. Suppose you fall in love with a flower or plant every time you see it. In that case, positive personal energy produces inside and produces good vibes! Only keep in mind that "faux" also does not stay "forever, and false flowers have their own life cycle, so change faux blooms until they no longer appear bright.

Tips to consider right Feng Shui flowers and plants for home indoors:

What flowers can be ideal for keeping inside your home, or what can be the best Feng Shui artificial flowers in the bedroom? Before searching for the answers to these questions, you have to understand that how artificial flowers can contribute positively to the positive Feng Shui of your home:

·        Consider faux blooms for Feng Shui with having natural, visual flow:

Always avoid real and faux flowers and plants with jagged or spiky edges. The cactus plant is a perfect example of a so-called poor feng shui plant. These plants' energy is rather "spiky," so it is good to look for smooth, leafy, and lush flowers or plants that will bring positive visual energy to space. You can use sola wood lilies and leafy palms for positive Feng Shui. These faux flowers and plants transmit a sense of fresh life or renewal or fresh life, creating a positive vibe. Artificial flowers and plants with rounded petals and leaves with rich colors simply brighten up your mood.

·        It is better to use faux flowers if real flowers are difficult-to-maintain:

Fresh flowers and plants will not help Feng Shui if they are not thriving in the space. Dying or drying flowers provide negative energy. If you have to spend all your time and efforts to take care and revive dying flowers and plants, it is useless to have real blooms inside. Put faux blooms that look ideal mimics of real blooms such as sola wood flowers to create a healthy and positive environment around you for positive Feng Shui.

·        Use the right artificial flower for the right room to maximize their impact:

If you're going to use artificial flowers and plants in your Feng Shui architecture, just concentrate on the rooms that will have the most beneficial effect on your energy. Start by placing fake flowers in your bedroom to help create relaxing and visually pleasing surroundings. Although artificial flowers cannot work more effectively as real blooms, they can still add a sense of color, beauty, and positivity to your room to lift your spirits. Always buy artificial flowers that look and feel real! If you don't feel good using just artificial flowers and plants, try using a mixture of real and artificial blooms and plants to boost your bedroom's feng shui.

Feng Shui & flowers:

Flowers are an easy and efficient way to introduce positive energy to your home. Their vivid appearance and enticing scents can be used to change the atmosphere in any room. Many flowers are suitable for feng shui because of their symbolism, forms, and bright or soothing colors. Few of the flowers, despite being real or artificial that contribute most efficiently in bringing positive vibes and healthy Feng Shui inside your home are:

·      Orchids:

Orchids are often used in feng shui to improve the romantic quotient. They are a beautiful and delicate addition to space. You can place a pink orchid in your bedroom's love area if you're looking for a romantic and graceful mate. Other orchid shades, such as white for helping people and purple or dark red for money, can be found in other room areas.

The only drawback of orchids is what happens as the flower disappears. Suppose you are a horticulturally inclined person and get them to re-bloom. In that case, it is best to have real orchids, but if you not then, an artificial orchid is the right option. Only make sure that faux orchids are of good quality and realistic.

·      Sunflower:

The sunflower symbolizes all things sunny, bright, and happy because its face turns toward the sun. A blended bouquet of sunflowers will bring good luck and pleasure into your home. Place a vase of sunflowers in your home's renowned or common area, and it will activate this part of your life with vibrant and bright chi (energy).

·      Plum Blossoms:

Plum Blossoms are delicate flowers that provide symbolism of optimism and perseverance. As the winter frost persists, the plum blossoms bloom in early spring. The plum blossom is one of the four seasonal flowers, and they are a symbol of strength and resilience to your career area.

·      Lily of the valley:

These flowers are known as the faerie tree, and these blooms give a hint of beauty to every garden. They are particularly fragrant as cut flowers and can be used to change the energy in your house. You can place artificial mimics of these flowers and any other flowers like lilacs in a vase in a room that requires a boost of energy.

·      Peony:

 Peony is a significant and bold flower and considers as a show-stopper bloom. It has a presence that is bigger than its size. A peony has long been synonymous with prosperity and prestige in Chinese society. When peonies are in season, put a huge bouquet on an entryway table to welcome the energy when it approaches your house. You can use their artificial mimics also to feel energy and happiness inside your home.

·      Orange blossom:

 It is a lovely emblem of beauty, grace, and innocence. It is an expensive bloom, but you will carry the vitality of this flower into your home using orange blossom essence. Orange blossoms are usually worn by brides on their wedding day. Even Queen Victoria wore them. Their oil can be diffused in the home to clear and cleanse the energy. You can use sola wood orange blossoms with the essential oil for the fragrance. It is an effective mood enhancer and anxiety reducer.

·      Chrysanthemum: 

Mum is the sign of longevity and chrysanthemums are a fall herb. Place two matching potted mums on either side of your front door to celebrate the vitality of autumn, the harvest, and the bounty of the season.

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