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March 08, 2021 4 min read


What should you think about these stunning color pops created by Mother Nature?

They invoke all kinds of emotions with their glorious forms, amazing colors and heady scents that stimulate your senses to bring happiness to your home. It's like a touch of nature invading your house, giving a sense of peace and relaxation!

These flowers are living chi and have the power to enhance or change the mood of any indoor space. This is why adding different varieties of colorful blooms are introduced in a specific section of the home to use these blooms as powerful Feng Shui tools.

These flowers have a symbolic use in Feng Shui based on the real sensation that flowers have the power to evoke grace, fragile, a feeling of elegance, and vibrant sensuality in all human beings. Real flowers are generally the ideal option for home and office interiors because they keep refreshing calming energy. You can still use sola wood flowers as one of the few effective mediums used in Feng Shui.

Flowers have not only the energies of grace and elegance, but these blooms bring blessings, happiness, and good luck to a home or office. The main idea of bringing positive Feng Shui is implemented by choosing different colors and numbers.

Feng Shui & sola wood flowers:

Flowers and Feng Shui can never go wrong and bring positivity and happiness unless the real flowers start wilting and rotting. Although decorating indoors with fresh flowers is often a perfect feng shui, but sola wood flowers can contribute in a similar way as real flowers do.

You should go for lovely floral art, flower pictures, different textiles with flower designs, wallpaper, vibrant sun-catchers, vases, vibrant sun-catchers, or every other home decor piece that your bright spirit is drawn to use a flower pattern! Sola wood flowers can be good Feng Shui if you pick high-quality flowers and take good care of them.

Sola wood flowers are not real blooms, but they are available in the shapes of thousands of incredible flower species, and you can use every vibrant and cheerful sola wood flower to add positive Feng Shui energy to your indoor place.

Feng Shui symbolism and meanings of flowers:

We, as a human species, dearly need flowers for our true well-being. Flowers carry some universal attributes for us that are:

  • Vitality of blooming
  • The opening of the heart
  • The pleasure and the weakness

Flowers are eligible to gracefully display their elegance to anyone—holy or sinner—and, as in nature, they are true to their essence. The vivid colors of flowers teach us to live in the moment, as the incredible fragile beauty is not everlasting. Here are three flowers with their Feng Shui symbolism, which encompasses their meaning and usage over a very long period of time.

1.    Orchids:

The most versatile flower on this Feng Shui list is ‘’The Orchid’’ as this flower has over 26,000 varieties present on this planet Earth. Orchids are merely lucky for us, and these flowers represent the energy of an exotic and graceful sense of beauty and display the energy of perfection and purity. Their various colors and varieties bring some extra energy of passion, joy, and creativity.

Sola wood orchids can be the best Feng Shui cure for your home, but first, you must know their colors. For instance:

  • A white orchid brings the energy of calm, clarity, peace, and perfection. These are a great addition to bless your home and provide people with positive energy.
  • Similarly, coral orange or bright pink orchid’s grace you’re indoors with the sense of creativity and passion and work ideally to cure your love, marriage, and relationships.

2.    Peonies:

Do you know any woman on this planet who does not love peonies?

Indeed not a single one you know about!

Peonies are the most popular Feng Shui flowers for love and marriage as these blooms release delicate energy so that they can be an ideal cure for hate and jealousy. These flowers are very seductive, but still, according to some classic Feng Shui school of thought, it is no use to have the images of Peonies inside your room. So ideally, sola wood orchids are the best substitutes for their original version.

Peonies are the blooms that are incredibly healing and sensual with their luscious form. These unique flowers have an impressive variety of white and pink colors. Sola wood peonies bring very positive, open, and sincere energy with soft joy and unabashed purity. A delicate fresh and bright peony flower emits delicate energy that promotes innocence, delicacy, and sensuality with adoration and appreciation.

The adorable peony is one of the oldest cultivated flowers, and its energy resembles the energy of the rose. There is much more to admire than the beauty of the peony flower. The roots of white and red peonies are used as medicines, and the wild sense of sensuality, freedom, and softness of peony is very, very unique. The healing energy is more penetrating and more profound than just the beauty of the flower.

3.    Lotus Flower:

The plant of the lotus flower grows in mud, but it is the flower that represents purity, spiritual mastery, and perfection in Feng Shui. The strength of the Lotus flowers is well known – with its deep roots in the mud. This flowering plant grows in muddy places with the most beautiful, pristine, and harmonious flower that we can imagine.

‘’No mud, No Lotus’’ is a famous expression that defines the Lotus flower's existence in the most inspirational way. This flower represents the difficulties of life. Its beauty and grace symbolically represent a challenging journey of a hardworking person who becomes perfect after facing hurdles and bitter life realities. The Lotus flower symbolizes faith, perfection, and spiritual disciplines that result in a human with perfection. It is also a widespread cure for health, and all parts of this flower, from roots to the flower and seeds have medicinal uses.

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