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September 02, 2020 4 min read

Traditionally bridal shower is a fun, celebratory occasion. Its planning is left up to the bridesmaids and the maid of honor. But in modern times really anyone can host this fantastic party. It is a fun occasion for the bride, her friends, and loved ones to gather for party, fun, food, drinks, and share advice and stories while celebrating an upcoming wedding.

This celebration is also a practical activity for guests to shower the bride-to-be with gifts to establish her home with her spouse. The contents of the gift are usually are candy-based and not overly exciting. If you're currently planning a bridal shower and want to be innovative in anyways, your options are pretty wide open. 

What do you say about a floral theme bridal shower?

To eliminate some of the guesswork require planning this event, it is the best option to choose a proper theme for a bridal shower. There are many reasons to select a floral theme bridal shower:

  • The floral theme is easy and beautiful to execute.
  • Flowers can incorporate with ease into the shower, whether it is shower decoration, centerpieces, or even cake decorations.
  • You can utilize flowers in every way from bridal shower invitations to entertainment.
  • The sophistication and vibrancy of colors in a floral-themed bridal shower impress the bride-to-be and wow all the guests.

A bridal shower with a floral theme is simply an elegant and timeless approach to the pre-wedding bridal celebrations. All the arrangements with flowers all around provide a sophisticated backdrop to celebrate starting a new beginning and end of singledom for the bride to be.

How to plan a perfect floral theme bridal shower?

Choosing a floral theme bridal shower is a concept that is overpowering many other bridal shower themes. It is because the wedding is the best time for the bride to get more closely associated with flowers. Planning an event is always an overwhelming task. Similarly, bridal shower arrangements need a lot of attention and hard work to make it an unforgettable experience.

Here are some of the important factors you need to consider before arranging a bridal shower with a floral theme:

·       Make your guest list!

A guest list helps you to determine many things like the size of the venue and the quantity of food you require to plan a shower. If it is not a surprise party, it will be great to involve the bride in the inviting process. Make floral theme invitations to invite guests and spread the hint of the theme.

·       Choose a venue that perfectly suits for the event!

To start planning, the first decision you need to make is the selection of a perfect venue. It is not always good to choose a party venue for a bridal shower. Every place has its own aura that makes it right or wrong for an event.

You mainly need a place with good light for a floral theme that you can decorate with flowers to showcase your creativity. As a blank canvas is perfect for painting a picture, a venue with lots of space to utilize is merely great for a bridal shower. It also depends on the length of your guest list. Hosting in your own home, a garden full of flowers, or your house's backyard can be some of the best venues to organize bridal shower.

·       Choose the right flowers to set the theme! 

"Selecting perfect flowers for the bridal shower is the perfect way to start planning your decorations."

To decorate the bridal shower with flowers, you can go with the bride's birth month flower. When you know about the bride's favorite blooms, you can choose that flower as a main floral option for decorations. It is good to have fresh blooms to decorate the bridal shower venue. Still, it can be costly to arrange a floral theme bridal shower with having fresh flowers everywhere.

Choosing a mix of real and sola wood flowers is ideal for celebrating the floral theme party. Real flowers are sophisticated, delicate, and full of fragrance. Still, they cannot be a perfect option to create little unique floral centerpieces. These flowers wilt and start turning brown within a few hours. If the bride has some sort of pollen or fragrance allergy options, it will worsen to have a floral theme bridal shower with real blooms.

Sola wood flowers can be the ideal option that provides you a tension-free opportunity to utilize your creativity and organize a dream bridal shower. Wooden flowers are equally stunning, like real flowers. These are affordable, available without any seasonal restrictions, pollen-free, and easy to dye so you can get these blooms in any color that the bride loves and admires. These flowers are long-lasting. Their durability allows you to use these wooden floral arrangements and centerpieces in wedding ceremony floral arrangements.

·       Keep meanings of flowers in mind!

To create a unique floral bridal shower theme, choose flowers based on their meanings to express your feelings and love in the flowers' unspoken language. Place small signs or place cards with each flower to explain its meaning and symbolic presentation.

Here are some common flowers with their appropriate meanings that are ideal to use in a floral themed bridal shower:

  • Carnation: Carnations are "flowers of the gods." White carnations symbolize luck and pure love while their peach color shows fun and joy.
  • Chrysanthemum: In Greek, chrysanthemum means "golden flower." This flower represents happiness, optimism, and a new beginning.
  • Freesia: This flower is the representative of friendship and gathering.
  • Gold Rose: Rose has so many meanings and symbols, depending upon their colors. Using a golden wooden rose is a way to excitement, passion, and the enthusiasm associated with the wedding and its celebrations.
  • Mondial Rose: This rose is known as "the bridal rose." This rose represents a strong bond and unity between the lovers going to be life partners.
  • Orchid: This is the flower that is famous for being timeless and sophisticated. Using orchids as a bridal shower bloom shows many happy anniversaries to come.

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