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December 15, 2020 4 min read

Not only is the gift season slipping upon us, it's already in full swing. This year, time is strange. If you have not already picked up gifts for your holiday or Christmas festivities, then this is the perfect time to get started. 

Several books are included in The Best Christmas Presents of 2020, but occasionally you can think beyond real books while shopping for bookworms. Ask any book lover, and they'll tell you that it's always a plus to get a book-themed gift. 

For example, in a cozy hoodie or slippers, you can keep the word nerd warm, or you can get gifts that make reading more fun, such as bookmarks, candles, or even a Kindle. It's time to know about a list of some fun flower books. These can be a wonderful gift to friends who love reading. 

These books are a valuable addition to the bookshelf. Even if you have spent several years completely immersed in flowers, you will undoubtedly learn new things all the time. Here are a few highlights to reach the market from most contemporary flower-focused books.

1.    "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett:

A classic is The Hidden Garden. If you don't know, Mary, who is an orphan, follows the plot. She is sent to live in her uncle's mansion, where she discovers the key to a hidden garden. 

In this novel, this secret garden has all sorts of beautiful descriptions of the flowers. The imagery can make you feel like you are with the characters right there.

2.    "Dandelion Wine" by Ray Bradbury:

Dandelion Wine can be one of the most exciting flower books.

Dandelion is not used by most people as a herb, but as a weed instead. However, as the book says: 

"A common flower, a weed that no one sees, but for us, a noble thing, the dandelion."

This book began out as a short story. It follows a 12-year-old boy's story. He lives in a fictional, Midwestern rural area. In the summer of 1928, the tale takes place. When you read an innocent kid's view, this book will make you look at dandelions and weeds differently. The flower has a special meaning to the main character, which you will find out about when you read this novel.

3.    "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky

This is more of a modern novel that, in the book, uses a wallflower as a metaphor. This tale is set in the 1990s and follows the story of a freshman in high school.

 He is a "wallflower." Always on the left, watching it all but never really seeing it.

However, things start to shift by the end of the book, and people understand how beautiful a wallflower is.

4.    "Living Art: Style Your Home with Flowers" by Olivier Giugni

Giugnia knows that flowers brighten our homes and make us happy. In his book, he shows it and tells us how to use flowers correctly when it comes to interior design. He provides us with descriptions of other houses, including his own.

The reader discovers how flowers stand out and merely blend in with space. However, their presence often gives the room a particular sensation. Even if we do not follow all of the book's tips, it's still an excellent resource for inspiration.

5.    The Art of Flora Forager by Bridget Beth Collins

In this book with flowers, a beautiful artwork will make the keeper of this book. 

There are beautiful works of art, as well as fungi and leaves, in addition to flowers. Bridget can take bits of nature, such as rocks or leaves, and turn them into some other form of artwork, for example. 

In this book, all kinds of various scenes and photographs fully capture the author's creativity and ingenuity. These artworks initially appeared on Instagram before they were compiled into a slim, aesthetically pleasing book.

6.    "Flower" by Andrew Zuckerman

The flower is a fine book that includes some of the flowers' most beautiful pictures.  Andrew Zuckerman is an American filmmaker, and he put this book together after taking pictures of ordinary and exotic flowers. His photography style captures the delicate details and bright colors of the plants. This classic piece would be a great addition to every coffee table.

7.    "Radical Gardening" by George McKay

You may be interested in this book if you are into gardening and growing your own flowers, as well as the history behind it. This book will also discuss some of the politics behind gardening that you may not even know existed. This book also explores how, in the midst of herbs, fruits, and flowers, several deprived people have found solace. 

This refreshing and truthful book will fuel your passion for gardening and open up so many new ideas and information to your eyes.

8.    "Edible Landscaping" by Rosalind Creasy

If you love flowers and want a garden that will provide you and your family with some food to eat, this might just be the book for you. This book will help you to make your garden look aesthetic, though practical as well. It will also help you find out how to eat more organically and better.

9.    "The Flower Book" by Rachel Siegfried

This book's title sort of speaks for itself. Rachel Siegfried, a florist and farmer from the UK wrote this giant novel. This book is 10 x 12 inches and weighs almost 4 pounds, actually! 

This is certainly a book for the coffee table now. There are enlarged images of flowers inside and advice on how to take care of various ones. This book will have you repeatedly flipping through the pages because you will find something new in the images each time.

10.    We Are the Gardeners  

Published by Joanna Gaines and her kids and beautifully illustrated by Julianna Swaney with watercolors, this adorable new book is a must-have addition to the library for your kids. As they grow vegetables and flowers in their garden, this sweet story chronicles the Gaines children's adventures (and misadventures).

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