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September 16, 2020 4 min read

Do you unapologetically your fingers when you are in need of a little extra luck?

Superstitions are deeply rooted in history and still widely believed today. Many of the superstitions like opening an umbrella indoors, Friday the 13th, or a black cat crossing your path are well known. Still, there are several more that fly under the "freaky" radar.

Can you believe if we tell you that some people consider lilies to be bad luck?

After seeing the beauty and sophistication of lilies, it is hard to accept this fact. Still, many consider lilies to be "funeral flowers," and consider having them in their home as a bad omen.

Cymbidium Orchids are the blooms that considered as a Feng Shui flower that can bring good luck and prosperity to their receiver’s life.

Like many other things in life, several superstitions are surrounding various types of flowers too. Although there is no need to believe in these superstitions, they are still quite fascinating to know. In fact, understanding certain superstitions are actually helpful for you to gain a better understanding of a particular culture. This knowledge also contributes to avoiding offending somebody by sending them a bouquet that contains a certain type of flowers.

Flowers are the best resources that have been used worldwide for hundreds of years to communicate deep emotions and thousands of feelings. In the 19th century, Victorian homes almost always had two books available: a Bible and a flower dictionary. Old civilizations were as careful about giving flowers as the wrong flowers to someone may have dramatic effects such as ruining reputation or breaking relations and friendships.

Flowers – messengers or a curse!

Flowers are such a unique form of communication. With subtle nuances, these flowers became an integral part of the culture in the past. People also started to consider these as an important element in literature, poetry, art, and photography.

Today, flowers around the world are used to celebrate, comfort, commemorate, and to communicate a variety of life events from birth to death and everything in between. In this blog by woodflowers.com, we will discuss flower superstitions around the world. You believe it or not it is totally up to you...just read it and gain information:

·       Marigold:

These are the flowers popular for several reasons. Marigold is often added to wedding bouquets because they are believed to protect against black magic and witchcraft. Apart from supposed aphrodisiac properties, marigolds are the flowers that protect you against bad luck and diseases.

·       Dandelions: 

Surely, you know well that Dandelions are a tasty treat for honey bees, but they are also some superstitions associated with this flower. If you choose one of the dried dandelion flowers and blow its seed into the air before counting it, you can know how many years you have to wait to get married.

·       Roses:

Roses are the most glamorous, romantic, and famous flower in the world. These flowers have many different colors, and each of them represents very different emotions. Many people consider its colors bad or good. Still, no matter if you give red roses, white roses, or yellow roses, there are some or other superstitions attached to it.

It is said that roses can protect the soul of a dead person from an evil spirit if planted near someone's grave. According to some belief's throwing rose leaves in a fire can bring good luck, white rose blossom in autumn indicates early marriage, and in Russia gifting yellow flowers means you are cursing that person with infidelity!

·       Sunflower:

The joyful and bright appearance of Sunflowers brings good luck and happiness in the receiver's life. If you want to congratulate someone with best wishes for all new endeavours, graduations, or a new business, simply send Sunflowers.

·       Poppies:

Poppies are the flowers often planted by farmers from ancient times for many reasons. It is believed that poppy flowers help people to forget their worries and troubles. These blooms bring good luck and farmers grow these flowers to get a good crop.

People also gift the flock of poppies for blessing and good luck, but if you want to present someone with poppies, be sure to send a bunch that has 13 stems. More or less, poppies may be considered bad.

·       White Calla Lilies:

These flowers have such an elegant and sophisticated appearance that is why these are recommended for bridal bouquets. Their divine beauty and innocent white beauty reflects the purity and sincerity in a relationship.

However, these white calla lilies are considered as the symbol of death and misery in Russian culture.

General superstitions about different flowers:

  • Lilac is the flower usually has four petals. Still, when the flower carries more than four petals, it is advised to eat the additional petals for good luck.
  • If a pregnant woman who eats tubers of orchids will give birth to a baby girl and if her husband eats orchid tubers, the couple will welcome a baby boy.
  • A mix of red and white flowers is believed to bring sickness or even death if you present these blooms to a sick person.
  • North, East, or North-East directions represent bad luck therefore never put any flower pots with brightly colored flowers in these corners.
  • An odd number of flowers is considered good luck if they are given as a present. However, an even number signifies bad luck as they are commonly used for the dead in different cultures.
  • In some cultures attaching poppies and lilies to your clothes was considered to distress that you are trying to forget your problems and worries.


Flowers are such beautiful, mesmerizing, and wonderful creations of nature which can infuse energy and trigger positive and negative vibes. Flowers can control the forces of nature that help to sync life with them. Their strength and influence on the surrounding environment are simply amazing.

If you also believe in some of these superstitions, maybe it will be really hard for you to keep a few of the stunning flowers in your home. But there is a superb solution to your problem. You can place sola wood flowers as the substitute for real flowers in your homes. This will help you to avoid any negative vibes and superstitions associated with real identical wooden blooms.

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