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August 10, 2020 4 min read

Brides are too touchy about their wedding flowers, and why not?

They have dreamed of these flowers. They know the importance of these flowers, so it is also necessary to plan for it.

When choosing floral arrangements, brides already dream of holding a perfect bouquet with their favorite flowers. But before jumping into the practical situation of buying wedding flowers, here are a few things to remember. If you are a bride with no pre-decided options and have no idea where, to begin with, wedding flowers, these tips are for you too!!

Before finalizing any flower option and deciding any of the floral arrangements keep the following points in mind:

Flowers that matter:

Wedding flowers are not just part of wedding decorations, and that’s all, but they have their emotional connection with the bride. Wedding flowers are bunches of colorful memories and beautiful moments in which you start the new and most important chapter of your life. Throwing these flowers in a trash bin just after your wedding day is so painful.

Real blooms are beautiful but so fragile and have concise life. They wilt and dry quickly; therefore, this expensive investment that takes a significant portion of your wedding budget gets wasted completely. The use of faux flowers for wedding celebrations is getting popularity day by day. Sola wood flowers have changed the entire concept of artificial flowers. They are so real in looks and have additional features of faux flowers that make these blooms everlasting.

Sola wood flowers are durable, hand-made, and can be dyed in any color, and all these properties of wooden blooms make these flowers the best choice for every occasion, especially wedding. The floral bouquets, centerpieces, and all other floral wedding arrangements can be reused in the future in so many ways to keep the blooms as beautiful memories for a long time with you.

How will your flowers photograph?

Wedding photography is an essential part of your wedding planning and arrangements. You need to pay special attention to your wedding arrangements and wedding flowers for how they will appear in photographs. While dreaming of a massive, ornate and beautiful bouquet with dozens of flowers just take a step back and think about your wedding photos:

 How will a giant bouquet cover the expensive wedding gown that you spent weeks or months searching for?

Your flowers can overpass your beauty, style, and grace by covering your wedding gown and depressing your makeup looks in photographs.

Always use your flower bouquet to accent your gorgeous wedding day looks in photographs and wedding videos. Always choose a bouquet with all the details of your wedding theme and your bridal looks, but in a way that compliments the entire arrangements and you. Oversized or a bouquet with more vibrant and bright looks suppresses every detail in wedding photographs, including you.

Follow the vibes:

Always discuss with your florist about the vibes you need to create for your wedding day. Flowers contribute a lot to set a perfect environment for your wedding ceremony. Let suppose you wish to create an outdoor, sparkling, and rustic wedding covered with burlap accents and stringed lights. Then your flowers must reflect this theme.

Get an idea from your florist about choosing the best rustic flowers for your wedding that will seamlessly add to your theme. Think about every major and minor detail from the linens to cutlery using for the wedding reception and the overall look of the wedding venue that you want to create before choosing wedding flowers.

Never go for more!

Sometimes less is more, and the same is the case with your wedding flowers. It is not always necessary to have a big, bright flower bouquet in your hands to compliment your wedding looks and make you feel more confident as a bride.

Of course, you have so much to add in your bridal bouquet from bright and expensive flowers, beads, diamonds, ribbons, and a variety of brooch and glitter, but all these additions make it look overwhelming. A bouquet crowded with all these details can be so expensive and can it can ruin all the other wedding arrangements.

The best option is to stick with your wedding theme and make the floral bouquet simpler, small, and less crowded. An elegant bouquet has so much less, but it contributes to improving your style, wedding looks, and vibes of the ceremony.

All the details are essential…but this is your day:

Whether they are flowers, wedding venue, bridal dress, or other wedding details, all are essential and contribute to making your big day a memorable one. Above all, the most crucial reality is that it is your day. How you feel about your bridal bouquet and flower arrangements is what matters. Whether it is your mom, your florist, or your maid of honor, there is no need to follow anyone blindly. It is your day, and if anything matters, it is your happiness.

Although the opinions are valuable, if you don’t love your wedding flowers, all the efforts and details don’t matter. Choose something you love, and don’t be shy with your florist to tell about your dream floral arrangement.

 Be specific with your choices and about what you want! These tips can be used as a checklist when making your final floral decisions to walk down the aisle with grace, confidence, and the perfect bouquet!


Choosing floral arrangements is not the task you can be left to the last minute. Invest in flowers not only in the form of budget money, but invest your time, thoughts, and efforts to make this decision perfect for your wedding day.

The early bird always gets the worm. In this case, start deciding for flowers months before your wedding and cooperate with your florist to help them create floral masterpieces that will be most loved and appreciated by the family, guests, and you.

With sola wood faux flowers, the sky is the limit when it comes to flowers. Sola wood flowers are super perfect for every kind of bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, centerpieces, and table arrangements.

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