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September 03, 2020 4 min read

"A wedding anniversary celebrates yesterday's memories, joys of today, and lovely hopes for tomorrow."

The wedding has so much to celebrate, even before the big day. This list of ceremonies includes bridal showers, engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, dress fittings, cake tastings, and more.

After all these celebrations come to the wedding day itself, with all its pomp and circumstance. A wedding is an event that celebrates the beginning of two people starting a life together.

But then…what next???


Everything gets lost in the dust of time. Is this the situation for whom so many preparations and celebrations are done?


A wedding is just the beginning of a new phase in life, and there's a lot more after that. In a culture where the divorce was a common occurrence when you made it another year means you have another milestone achieved in your marriage.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary is an excellent opportunity to re-connect as a couple. Getting some time to celebrate as a couple gives you a chance to celebrate as a couple that gives you time to rethink about one another. 

It is super essential for a couple to keep up some anniversary celebration traditions in the years that follow. This may include a holiday trip, anniversary gifts, special dinners, and most essential flowers that mark the anniversary day as significant. 

Not everyone is indeed great at honoring anniversaries. So if you need some logic to get help in that department, here are the reasons why flowers are the ideal choice as a wedding anniversary gift: 

Let the flowers contribute to anniversary celebrations:

Flowers have the power to serve as a complete gift package for a wedding anniversary. Of course, it mainly depends on who you are and what your circumstances are. In general, a single flower or a floral bouquet can say everything in their language of beauty and grace to the receiver.

Suppose you are using flowers as the only source of conveying your message of love to your partner. In that case, there are few things you can do to make sure your present of flowers can be extra special:

·       Personalization:

Presenting flowers as the only gift to your life partner is not about running into a floral shop and picking a few red roses to make your decision perfect. Maybe it is fine when flowers are simply a backdrop to the real present. Now, it needs to be more thoughtful and caring. You have to find out that what color, type of flower, and floral arrangement is more appealing to your special someone.

More personalization of the floral bouquet shows more value and love. Every anniversary is a momentous occasion and saying "Happy anniversary" with flowers can make a big difference. So work on all the details regarding flowers:

  1. The Color: There is a particular flower color associated with every wedding anniversary. You can also choose blooms in a couple of shades to incorporate the color in different ways. The best advice is to choose your partner's favorite color over symbolism and meaning, especially if you want to give a personalized gift of anniversary flowers.
  1. The Type: It is good to give specific anniversary flowers based on the years of marriage you and your spouse are celebrating. But don't forget that you can always choose your partner's favorite blooms or mix floral varieties with personal meaning in mind.
  1. The Number:There is a particular connotation for a bouquet of roses, depending on the number of flowers you select in a bouquet. For bouquets of other flowers, you can choose a number based on what makes the most impressive bouquet. It is also good to add one for every year of your marriage for a sentimental touch.

·       Can artificial flowers be a perfect anniversary gift?

Real flowers are gorgeous. Traditionally, there is no other option that can compete with real blooms as a wedding anniversary gift. Things are changing gradually. People are searching for ways to be an innovative and little unique from others, even in choosing and sending flowers.

Let's be a bit more practical…as your wedding is an event you don't want to forget ad always want to keep its memories with you, similarly anniversary day is also a day to revive and rememorize everything happens. Celebrations of this day can also be everlasting even you celebrate it on your own.

Optioning for artificial blooms can be a better option to keep memories of your wedding anniversary day alive forever. Sola wood flowers are the faux blooms that are considered as the official wedding flowers these days. Their realistic appearance, durability, all seasonal availability, and variety of color options make these blooms a perfect option for wedding decorations.

Sola wood flowers are the best possible option for anniversary blooms. These flowers are everlasting. With every passing year, you can add a beautiful floral bouquet to your "anniversary flowers collection." It means you can preserve all the happy moments you experienced on your wedding anniversary in the form of elegant and sophisticated color pops that will remain fresh and stunning.

·       Particular flowers for a specific anniversary of wedding:

With all the points mentioned here now, you will feel more comfortable while choosing anniversary flowers. Here it is the list below to discover traditional anniversary flowers by years:

  • When you approach the first anniversary, choose a bouquet that features delicate, simple, and sweet orange and white bloom. These colors represent innocence, good luck, purity, and the beginning of a new relationship.
  • Cosmos is the perfect gift for your significant other on the second wedding anniversary. These sweet, cheery, and romantic blooms are available in colors like white, yellow, pink, orange, and red.
  • For the third wedding anniversary, choose flowers that are known as "Earrings of the Queen." While purple, white, and ivory are the colors perfect for the third wedding anniversary.
  • For your 4th and 5th wedding anniversary, pink, purple, red, blue, and turquoise are the colors that you can select.
  • For 10 years of your togetherness, choose yellow blooms that reflect happiness and joy of the past, and positivity for the coming future.

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