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July 30, 2021 4 min read

In the summer, life is simple. It's no wonder that everyone wants to stay outside until the sunsets with more sunshine and warmer temperatures. There are countless possibilities for making your gathering stand out when it comes to outdoor summer party ideas. Woodflowers.com has put together ideas to improve your next outdoor party, whether it's a summer BBQ, a backyard graduation celebration, or anything in between. Take advantage of the beautiful weather this season and invite your friends over for a fun backyard barbeque.

The greatest backyard barbeque includes more than scrumptious burgers and brisket. Make the most of your much-awaited quality time with friends and family by surrounding yourself with Mother Nature's beautiful offerings. When your visitors walk into your garden, they will be greeted with pops of colorful flowers and stunning floral arrangements. Fresh seasonal blossoms and innovative suggestions from your friends will add to the attractiveness of your outdoor environment. Because we realize that every element, no matter how little or huge, contributes to the overall experience of your event, let your guests smile as fresh blooms in every direction surround them.

·       Pick a theme:       

Because of the Fourth of July and Labor Day, patriotic décor is popular during the summer. You may either follow suit or have a red, white, and blue celebration, or you can do something different. The celebration may be livened up with a vibrant color palette that includes warm colors of orange and yellow. Alternatively, use purple, blue, and green tones to keep things calm and earthy. Don't simply stick to a color palette if you want to go all-out - attempt a trendy summer theme for your party.

·       Add colorful flower accents:

Brightly colored blossoms, such as gerbera daisies and sunflowers, are synonymous with summer. A neutral color scheme will envelop you and your guests, from your favorite BBQ foods to Mother Nature. This year, add a burst of color, such as yellow, red, blue, pink, or purple, to brighten up your ambiance. Create vibrant centerpieces and accents for your food and dessert stations for a simple way to liven up your summer barbeque.

·       Repurpose tin cans:

Fresh summer flowers may be used in a variety of ways to decorate your outdoor BBQ. Recycling tin cans and other unique or old objects to make amusing DIY vases is one innovative concept that stands out to us. This reused rustic chic design will brighten up your outdoor setting, whether you adorn them with ribbon, twine, burlap, or paint. Your friends and family will be enthralled by your creativity and appreciate the time and effort you put into creating beautiful floral arrangements.

·       Hang seasonal flowers:

Hang a variety of small flower arrangements from hooks and tree branches to enhance the natural appeal of your garden. Using a single stem in a glass jar or a few blooms in a bud vase, you can create a perfect design with various forms, styles, colors, and heights. As soon as the sun begins to drop, hang some lights or café bulbs to give your artistic décor a romantic glow. Your guests and family will appreciate the seasonal blooms from above as they admire the originality of your garden décor.

·       Designate a food and drink table:

Because the barbeque will be the focal point of the celebration, make sure to set apart sections for food and beverages. Encourage guests to bring side dishes and desserts, and you'll be able to handle the major meals. Try some of these Country Living magazine's cookout recipes for great entrée options. Ask your visitors if they want to bring their beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages to share for a tasting during the celebration. Alternatively, you may put up a bar cart and hire a bartender to keep your guests occupied and hydrated.

·       Garnish drinks with floral:

Serve your guests their beverages in elegance by accenting each glass with a flower garnish, whether you're making fresh lemonade and iced tea or preparing creative summer cocktails. This lovely idea will liven up your typical BBQ, and everyone, including the kids, will enjoy and appreciate the careful details. Incorporate flowers into fruit-infused water or other delicious specialty beverages, such as a lavender lemon spritz, if you want to take it a step further. Before eating, cooking, or garnishing with plants and flowers, be sure you've checked with your local florist.

·       Accent with flowers:

Why not pay homage to Mother Nature by adorning your home with beautiful flowers? To make the celebration pop, purchase flowers from Teleflora and arrange them across the terrace. Our summer flower arrangements are ideal for a summer celebration of outdoor pleasure.

·       Create party favors:

Don't allow your visitors to go home empty-handed from your celebration! Give each guest a handcrafted party gift to take home with them. To make a charming, one-of-a-kind spa gift, consider creating your candles, hand soaps, or bath fizzies. You may also build a deconstructed s’mores kit for your family and friends to enjoy over the BBQ fire. Not only will they appreciate the additional effort you put into your party, but the favors will also serve as lovely decorations during the get-together before your guests go.

·       Style mason jars for gifts:

A wonderful combination of mason jars with summer flowers results in one perfect, rustic-styled arrangement. Their adaptability, nostalgia, and charm all work together to create a stylish atmosphere for your yearly barbecue. Use ribbon, string, and other materials to decorate the jars to complement your linens and party theme. Then, to brighten your area, choose your favorite foliage and blossoms to create tiny floral arrangements and centerpieces. Sending your relatives and friends home with a jar of fresh flowers as a parting present is a nice and enjoyable way to thank them for attending at the end of the evening.

·       Incorporate eclectic bud vases:

Bud vases are among the most adaptable décor items. They provide a distinctive and diverse aesthetic since they come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Filling these little glass bottles may fit into virtually any style, from rustic and old to artistic and stylish. Choose a variety of flowers, spread them throughout guest tables, asymmetrically arrange them down long tables, or cluster them in the middle for a unique focal point.

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