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December 10, 2020 4 min read

Flowers, food, and wine…are the perfect combination to be happy.

Food and wine pairing with a combination of flowers make for a match undoubtedly made in heaven.

An occasion without the temptation of food and some delicious wines cannot be called complete. Every event sees people indulging in wine drinking, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and retirement parties. Being a flavorful drink, before picking wines for an occasion, there are many aspects to remember. With age, some wines get more robust, and others lose their flavor as they age. 

Happy moments seem incomplete, dull, and boring without the presence of flowers, food, and wine. Stunning flowers create a beautiful space similar to the food spread at the table; it is necessary to consider the color of the flowers.

 You need to match your food and drinks with the floral hues to create a magical environment. Additionally, an aromatic effect also contributes a lot. Flavors in your menu mingle with the natural scents of flower to generate a link between food and flowers to make the experience enjoyable.

Pairing flowers with food and wine

Flowers pair best with all types of wines and food as well. Having friends over for dinner, celebrating an anniversary, or just trying to make your family's mealtime a little more unique is one of the many beautiful occasions for which using flowers in combination with wine and food is a merely awesome idea.

With so many great kinds of flowers to choose from, how do you know which ones are better served with the delicious dish you plan to serve up or that bottle of wine you're ready to uncork? Let the flowers help you out! Here are a few great ideas to bear in mind as you want to mix food and flowers.

·       Orchids and pad Thai

Do you wish to heat the environment with some spicy Thai curry and som tum papaya salad?

Use a collection of Orchids to provide a meaningful accent to your tablescape. With the Orchids of yellow and orange bold colors, it is ideal to complement floral arrangements and centerpieces with an equally bold Thai flavor. This glamorous setting of flowers and food gets a little more boost with an off-dry Riesling.

Thailand is famous for its homegrown orchids and lilies having bright and exuberant colors like white, pink, purple, fuchsia. This floral color scheme goes perfectly fine with sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and aromatic foods and too perfect Riesling with acidity, sweetness, and dynamite tropical fruit flavor to cut the spice.

·       Sunflowers and viognier

Sunflowers are beautiful plants that can have fascinating features and a range of uses. Their bright sunny look and feel is one of these great features. Since sunflowers add a happy, airy quality to any setting in which they live, they complement the crisp taste and great color of viognier wine perfectly. Serve some up on a fun summer afternoon or evening along with an arrangement of sunflowers.

·       Roses, meat, and red wine

One of the strongest and appealing decisions that you can make when you choose flowers for an event is the full-bodied, deep color of a large selection of red roses. With a hearty, full-bodied meal, such an arrangement goes perfectly. For a steak and a glass of your favorite red wine, fresh roses are a great partner, especially if there's romance in the air.

·       Carnations and Spanish food

Spain's national flower is the carnation, so it only makes sense to pair these beauties with a delicious Spanish salad. Along with plates overflowing with soft yellow paella or a series of beautifully made tapas dishes, the bright oranges and pinks will look fantastic.

·       Gerberas and champagne

Gerberas provide bright bursts of color that can enliven any hosting space. Champagne offers the same burst, only in the form of flavor. The fizzy sensation that comes with your favorite bottle of bubbles pairs perfectly with an arrangement of vibrant gerberas. Have both make an appearance at your next celebration.

Rules to pair food with wine

Combination of food and wine creates a superb gastronomic effect. Imperfect wine pairing with super delicious food destroys the overall experience of overall dining. You need to keep it in mind that wine should complement the food, not to dominate. You need to pair food with acidity, alcohol, tannin, and overt wood flavors of wine.

To pair wine with any food, you need to follow these basic rules:

  • Most importantly, always try to pair the wine with the personal taste of your guests. Even you can pair red wine with fish if your guest drinks only red wine.
  • In case of using any sauce, it is good to pair wine with that sauce.
  • Wine should be more acidic or equal to the acidity of the food you are serving, while a sweater wine needs to pair up with spicy food.
  • It is also a good way to pair wine and food by color.
  • Sweat dishes should be paired with sweet wine.
  • Salt can magnify the flavors. It is good to pair high acidic, low tannins, and some sweet wine with salty dishes.
  • Tannic wine goes well with fatty meat dishes.
  • Stews with low-fat content go well with low tannins red wine.
  • White wine is best to serve with poached fish while oaked white wine is not good with raw fish.
  • It is also important to match the weight of the wine with the weight and texture of the food. Use heavy wine with heavy food and light wines with light food.


A glass of great wine and food pairing maintains a balance between the characteristics of wine and components of the dish. Addition of flowers into this pairing takes it to another level. When you pair your food and wine with flowers, try to keep things simple.

Of course, it is fun to experiment and fine-tune. This experience allows you to create spectacular matches to improve the overall experience for special occasions. 

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