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April 25, 2021 4 min read

When it comes to party decor, the phrase "flower power" is so real! Flowers can fully turn a room by making it more cheerful and welcoming and serving as excellent conversation starters. When a new baby hits a couple's life, everything changes immediately. Aside from the burden of caring for a new life, there's the space to decorate, the clothing and baby gear to get, the christening to plan, and so on...

Baby showers are beautiful occasions to commemorate the impending or recent arrival of an adorable baby into the world. When the parents take their first steps as parents, giving a real blessing to the world is a moment of immense joy and pride. Flowers are still an important part of every baby shower celebration, regardless of the subject.

Flowers suitable for a baby shower:

Many people assume that there must be a particular method of preparing or selecting flowers for this day, but basically, the decision is yours. Softer hues portray the gentleness of a newborn baby. As a result, pastel, subdued-colored flowers are a fine alternative. Many people traditionally choose Gypsophila paniculata, also known as baby's breath, a lovely tradition. You can go far beyond that, however, by picking flowers from a large variety. Incorporating flowers and baby shower themes into the decorating is a simple way to make it look more festive. When you decorate, keep in mind conventional fertility symbols.

First and foremost, determine if the new infant is a boy or a baby girl. Knowing the gender of the baby will help you make better choices, especially when it comes to choosing the color of the blooms. If you don't know the gender of the baby and want to deliver birthday flowers in advance, go for a gender-neutral color like a sophisticated cream or white tone or a bright splash of color like orange, red, or green.

Decorate baby shower with artificial sola wood flowers:

When you say artificial flowers, woodflowers.com doesn't mean the silk or synthetic kind. Using a biodegradable and eco-friendly option of sola wood sheets to make pretty little blooms is a unique way to make a unique baby shower gift. They are easy to make and can be dressed up in any color you wish to make them extra cool.

Simply cut the sola wood sheets obtained from the bark of balsa tree wood into the desired floral petal form with a pair of scissors and stick them with a hot glue gun into the shape of a particular flower. Then, make your stems out of simple or colored art sticks and put them into your baby sock shapes. To keep your bouquet look original, use greenery and fillers such as gypsophila, and place this beautiful floral arrangement of wooden flowers into an artistic or stylish kind of vase. Wood flowers originally have ivory color in natural, but you can easily dye these flowers into any desired natural or glamorous color you wish to have.

Sola wood flowers are so real (even you cannot distinguish them unless you touch them to feel their texture), long-lasting, durable, allergy-free, and affordable. You can keep these blooms as keepsakes of the happy moments of baby shower celebrations.

Perfect flowers for a baby shower:

Do something different in your baby shower flowers if you want them to stand out. You may choose a bold-colored hero flower or add more greens to the flower arrangement. To make the flower arrangement more exciting, you should add some tropical fruits, feathers, beads, or jewels.

Here are four most popular flowers for baby shower celebrations:

·       Calla Lily:

Callas are huge, delicate flowers with waxy petals and large flower heads. They come in various shades, including white, black, pink, brown, and even green. They are a unique yet lovely option that can be used for more than just a baby shower.

·       Stockpiles:

Beautiful flowers with a clove-like fragrance. Its beautiful, sweet scent and choice of colors are often used in garden designs. White, peach, lavender, pink, purple, and more are all colors you can enjoy as part of your gift.

·       Lilies:

Lilies are a common flower among flower lovers, and they are very pretty and appropriate for almost any occasion. They come in a lot of shades, but when offering them as a present, be cautious. When eaten, lilies are considered harmful to cat metabolism, so if the family has a cat, you can go for their sola wood version.

·       Lisianthus:

These are flowers with fragile petals and oval-shaped leaves that are very durable and long-lasting. They come in a variety of shades, including lavender, dark pink, and yellow, as well as color variations. They come in both single and double flowers. They are a perfect choice for any occasion, but particularly for this one because of their natural beauty.


Many people recommend bringing fresh baby roses to the new mother's home because she has fewer things to bring home from the hospital. But you have to choose real flowers without scent because sometimes the scents can be harmful to newborns with allergies. It is why sola wood flowers are the best options to gift to new mothers and babies.

In reality, you can give flowers to new parents even after baby shower celebrations. This is often the time that the parents will need some reinforcement. They have not had much sleep, and if they're first-time moms, they're probably nervous. This kind gesture of sending sola wood flowers will show the new parents that you're willing to help out where you can and that you're thinking of them.

Floral arrangements aren't all made up of flowers; you can add various decorations and smaller pieces to them. Small stuffed toys, balloons, or even a care kit for the new parents may make these things for a new infant. Gourmet foods such as chocolates and cheeses can also be used. One choice to put into a floral arrangement is a care basket that contains products for the mother-to-be, stuff that can make her pregnancy that much simpler as it continues. These small luxuries will go a long way in making that special impression.

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