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May 15, 2021 5 min read

Do you really think all angels have wings???

No, there are many local heroes wearing scrubs, uniforms, and masks who are all angels serving selflessly for humanity in these toughest times in the history of mankind. While the pandemic of coronavirus has given almost everyone more life, emergency professionals, first responders, and other vital workers have faced more threats than others. Woodflowers.com appreciates the value of spontaneous acts of kindness in extraordinary moments of fear and need. Random expressions of love are an incredible way to express respect and gratitude for our community's understated heroes. There are few other ways than with flowers to show this love.

Blossoms are an incredible way to make someone's day bright. Flowers add levity and satisfaction even in the most difficult circumstances. We give flowers to families, loved ones, and people we know about almost always because it is in our comfort zone. But outside our comfort zone, some people deserve a kind touch and sometimes are ignored. It is vital and valued that everybody should. This is why woodflowers.com believes in the donation of flowers.

Why our real-life heroes need flowers?

There is always room for happiness, care, and positive emotions in this world, which the flowers are perfect for conveying. To infuse some much-need positivism through these difficult COVID-19 times, we aim to remember the role of flowers and plants in showing love and friendship, appreciation, support, comfort, and hope. Flowers can transform feelings and change lives! From breeders to growers to florists to the happy recipient of a beautiful flower bouquet, they all carry hope, dreams, and emotions. Flowers connect humans in a variety of ways. There is always a beautiful reminder of all the diverse human stories behind each and every flower that enlightens our days!

Best flowers for admiration and gratitude:

To appreciate and admire the tireless services of our local heroes, flowers are our perfect partners. Flowers not only spread positivity and provide courage to these wonderful people who are working for us day and night, but their vibrant colors and heavenly presence provide them hope for better days.

From woodflowers.com, here is the list of best flowers that you can present/donate to the people who are true heroes. It's up to you whether you choose natural flowers or their wood flower version, but the basic theme is to support our frontline workers most beautifully and encouragingly. You can send those flowers with deep meanings of gratitude and admiration such as:

·       Lavender Roses:

This delicate rose color means first sight delight and passion. Lavender roses bring a perfect blossoming romance that motivates people to fight against all odds.

·       Pink Roses:

Pink roses are the ideal way to express gratitude, respect, and regards.

·       Peach Roses:

Since they reflect modesty and demureness, these roses are perfect for doctors and hospital staff. They can also be provided to express how much you miss someone.

·       Sweet William:

Sweet William is one of the few flowers that represent masculinity. It also means gallantry. Sweet William was a noble, lovelorn hero who was listed in courageous ballads in the past, so send these flowers to your knight in shining armor.

·       Camellia:

These flowers are associated with passion, devotion, and admiration. Choose white to express adoration and pink to express nostalgia.

·       Orchid:

These striking flowers reflect unique and fragile elegance. They were once associated with masculinity by the Ancient Greeks, but this has since shifted to a more feminine connotation.

·       Amaryllis:

Give this flower to someone you admire for their beauty and love for their character, and selfless services for humanity.

·       Hydrangea:

The hydrangea is a flower that represents an appreciation for being heard. They stand for something sincere and heartfelt.

Where do you need to donate these flowers?

Here is the list of places where you should donate these flowers to greet the bravery and courage of our local real-life heroes during these pandemic times:

1.    Hospital Emergency Rooms:

While emergency rooms were a less apparent place to donate flowers a few months ago, they are now a clear option. More than ever, we recognize the importance of ER heroes who devote their life to serving others. Sending flowers to your local ER is a great way to say thank you to the nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and administrative staff for their vital service.

2.    Nursing Homes:

Flowers are a common presentation to give to loved ones who are residing in nursing homes. Although many people have or have had loved ones in nursing homes, it is still rare to give flowers to residents who are not family members. Flowers donated to a nursing home will cheer up the staff and patients. Residents would enjoy a happy pick-me-up in their open areas and activity areas that encourage engagement and communication. Crew members should be given bouquets as a token of gratitude for their hard work.

3.    Fire Departments & Police:

 As the community's pillar, municipal police and fire departments merit gestures of compassion. Area police and fire departments represent and defend their neighborhoods, which are often reliant on volunteers. Sending flowers to these local heroes, who devote too much of their time away from their families to represent yours, is a wonderful way to express your gratitude.

4.    Sanitation Departments:

Municipal sanitation teams are another essential yet underappreciated group of people who help us with our everyday needs. It's easy to forget about the frequent garbage collection, and it's much easier to forget about the people who do the dirty work. Sanitation crews provide a necessary but thankless job for whole cities. A bouquet will offer a cheerful and uplifting complement to the workers of these jobs.

5.    Shelters for the Homeless:

For both tenants and workers, shelter conditions can be overwhelming and depressing. Flowers will boost mental and emotional health, relieve fear, and bring pleasure to shelter occupants, in addition to food and clothing donations for their daily needs. Donating bouquets expresses gratitude to shelter personnel and supporters while still bringing joy to people going through a difficult time.


Giving flowers is a powerful gesture since it combines two love languages of gift-giving and encouragement. The thoughtful card sent with the flowers allows recipients to actually pause and enjoy the beautiful blooms while they feel a sense of gratitude from this act of service and receive words of encouragement from the thoughtful card. Try donating flowers to the local heroes if you're looking for an uplifting way to give back during a time of need.

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