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September 17, 2020 4 min read

Probably one of the most difficult rooms of any home to decorate is your bathroom. As we love to experience a clean feel, we also want to appear in our bathroom as more welcoming as our home. Mostly the bathrooms in a house are the area that seems dull because of having a lack of color and style. 

Flowers are so adaptable yet classic. We have a range of flowers for every decor style, such as:

  • Minimal flowers
  • Traditional flowers
  • Eclectic flowers
  • Modern flowers
  • Contemporary flowers

In short, you can say that there are a flower and color for every decor style. A bathroom decorated with flowers instantly brings an elegant feel. All the floral arrangements for the bathroom transform it into a place full of personality and bring an organic freshness that is hard to imitate. Candles and flowers are the two most popular options to decorate this small space with a bright and impressive theme.

Why do bathrooms need to be decorated with flowers?

Indeed when we design a house, every room has some kind of theme. This theme is based on your imaginations, and you set it sometimes intentionally or sometimes without any particular intentions. Flowers in a bathroom are rare.

It's usually considered as a place where growing anything due to often lack of space, excessive humidity, and lack of natural light is not possible. Being expensive is another reason that stops you from putting real flowers in the bathroom.

But when you organize everything so well and choose the plants that are not too inconsistent, the bathroom can attract by its live, fresh, and inviting environment. Adding flowers o your bathroom interior is a way to add a touch of luxury and a layer of colors to your bathroom. Popping a small vase of vibrant and delicate flowers onto your vanity is an easy way to create a significant impact.

An elegant, tiny vase of blooms can bring freshness, delight, and joy to the most mundane, everyday moments like when you're getting ready for the day ahead.

Best flowers for the bathroom:

A perfect option for anyone wanting to play it really safe is the use of artificial flowers. Of course, these flowers cannot offer anything in the line of fragrance. Still, you could quite easily substitute this with some simple and easy options like essential oils or candles.

There is a vast range of faux flowers available now. You can choose a perfect option for bathrooms from a variety of artificial blooms. When it is about the best quality, fake flowers, "sola wood flowers" are on top of the list. These flowers are ideal blooms in terms of their realistic appearance, bio-degradable, and eco-friendly nature.

But when you need to use these flowers as floral for bathrooms, it is important to know that this is not a suitable option here. Sola wood flowers have a foamy texture. They absorb moisture so quickly; that is why selecting these flowers for your bathroom can be a little tricky. You must have to protect wooden blooms from humidity and water. In case of using sola wood flowers in your bathroom, keep these blooms away from direct sunlight or the places that will radiate heat.

Tips to decorate the bathroom with flowers:

  • Australian natives, Carnations, or Orchids are bathroom-happy botanicals that can last for a longer time.
  • For small bathrooms, use single blossoms, tiny bud vases, or add sprigs of greenery.
  • It is up to you completely what theme you choose for your bathroom, but most probably, bathrooms with a blue color scheme can look most attractive. You can place some bright yellow sunflowers in a clear glass vase and add some shiny plastic gems or stones to the vase to complement the look.
  • This ocean theme with plenty of blues and greens set an environment for a bathroom. Flowers contribute a lot to enhance this theme by adding seashells to the bottom of your flower vase, using blue water to make the theme prominent, etc.
  • You can also create an underwater scene depending on the size of the bowl or vase. It will be much like what you would find in a fish tank. Plastic fish, treasure chest, or even a shipwreck could all help create that look.
  • If you have some extra space in your bathroom, place a large vase on a chic stool with long flower stems to make a floral statement.
  • You can use some faux orchids near the sink to give a refined and stylish touch to that space. You can use more greenery to enliven your bathroom space.
  • Peace lilies are the flowers that can brighten up any available room. Even the real peace lilies can survive easily in the bathroom's rich, humid conditions for long.
  • You can place candles inside long, cylindrical vases in the bathroom. Surround the base with potpourri. The light from the candles and the smell of the potpourri is so relaxing and calming. The potpourri's sweet scent helps to keep your bathroom smelling fresh when it becomes a bit musty due to high humidity.
  • You can also use Jelly candles that are popular to take on any theme. Choosing a tropical theme for the bathroom means you should echo this theme with your flowers. Remember, it's not only about the flowers but the vase too. Choose the size, color, and design of the vase carefully because your vase needs to suit the flowers you choose as well as it should also suit the rest of the bathroom theme.
  • Don't try to match your bathroom flowers' color to the color in the room to make them stand out. You can use a succulent and sedum wreath as a bold pop of green to your bathroom decor.


Just like any other room in the house, we cannot decorate our bathrooms without talking flowers. Flowers are like their own little microclimate at times. So while dreaming up which towels and storage and vases to add to the Registry, you might want to know which fresh greens and blooms will look lovely and last long in your bathroom.

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