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April 18, 2021 4 min read

Did you know that certain flowers are said to bring you good luck in addition to beautifying your space, adding instant curb appeal to your yard, and improving your health?

You might think that if you want to add a little luck to your garden, you should look for a four-leaf clover. There are, however, other ways to bring good fortune to your garden. Different cultures agree that such flowering plants, along with a landscape of lovely flowers, offer good light. These lucky flowers are simple to grow; some are best grown in raised garden beds, while others are ideal for container planting.

Some flowering plants may be considered lucky for a variety of purposes. From mentions in myths to medicinal uses or just pure elegance," adding, "gardeners and academics have recorded these lucky flowers for decades. There are lots of blooms that can be used to symbolize and draw good luck ahead of any event you choose to commemorate. Fortunately for you, these auspicious flowers aren't difficult to come by—or to produce. So, if you want to get a little luck into your garden—and your life—try planting these flowers or make these blooms part of your house in anyways.

China and good luck flowers:

Good luck flowers can be seen all over China, carved in jade and gold, embroidered on silk robes, woven into carpets, and painted on porcelain. The celebrated blooms are more than just pretty; they have been carefully selected to be evocative and strong. When flowers adorn and energize your house, they speak the language of Feng Shui.

To help you draw good fortune, beauty, friendship, and money into your home and garden, woodflowers.com has compiled a list of the top flowers for attracting good luck, love, friendship, and money. All of these plants and flowers are simple to maintain, so take note, and you never know how lucky you might get! If you have some difficulties adding these real flowers to your house, choose their sola wood version. These sola wood mimics of real flowers also work in the same manner to bring fortune and good luck to your house. These fortunate flowers also make wonderful presents for friends and family. You can get the florist to design a good luck flower arrangement for you, or you can buy the plants for good luck that lasts.

·       Chrysanthemum

It is the symbol of prosperity, longevity, and wealth in your home. You should deliver a bouquet of mums in sunny yellow or royal purple to anyone to wish them a long life or a happy New Year. Mums in golden yellow are particularly symbolic of prosperity.

·       Sunflower

This flower is famous for conveying best wishes. These cheery flowers are known for "watching" or tilting their heads towards the sun during the day. Their seeds are said to carry good fortune and increase fertility in expectant mothers.

·       Gardenia

It is a flower well known for good luck and peace. The lovely gardenia, also known as rosal, has an enticing fragrance. It may have a variety of connotations, including affection, harmony, innocence, and good fortune. A bouquet of these fragrant flowers will delight anyone extraordinary who adores flower words.

·       Lily of Peace

This bloom is the symbol of good Will and Positivity. This slender white flower brings a sense of calm to every space or bouquet. The graceful bloom not only symbolizes goodwill, but its big, glossy leaves often radiate positive energy throughout your room. Put a single stem in an elegant vase and add this flower and a few of its shapely leaves to an arrangement.

·       Morning Glory

The sight of brightly colored trumpet-shaped flowers can immediately lift your mood. Morning glory is thought to bring peace and prosperity. Plus, if you remember to set aside a few morning glory seeds, you will tuck them under your pillow and sleep soundly without fear of nightmares.

·       Flamingo Lily

This flower is commonly called "Anthurium", and it is the ambassador of prosperity. It's no surprise that this heart-shaped flower is associated with good fortune. The bright red bracts of this flamingo lily reflect wealth. Furthermore, an anthurium plant purifies the air in your home by removing formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene and other toxins.

·       Orchids

This flower is associated with good fortune, vitality, longevity, and abundance. Orchids have long been said to be lucky omens—orchids, with their golden yellow blooms that seem to be sprouting coins, welcome abundance.

·       Cockscomb

It gives the message of best wishes and prosperity. The bright red ruffles of this bloom fan out like a rooster's comb. Roosters are considered lucky in Chinese culture, just as the sarimanok is associated with good fortune. As a result, the cockscomb has acquired an auspicious consistency.

·       Peonies

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, peonies were designated as China's national flower, and Chinese people continue to honor these beautiful blossoms in paintings and designs today. It's no surprise that Chinese people enjoy peonies because they reflect luck, success, and wealth.

·       Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are another flower that is associated with good fortune and luck. They are particularly beneficial to those who work in the artistic field. The flowers represent gratitude, enlightenment, and faith. They're always drawn in watercolour on canvases to complement the chi streaming in and out of one's house.

·       Red Roses

Chinese people prize red roses because they reflect wealth and great fortune. Roses are symbols of opulence, royalty, and grace. About the fact that roses are not a typical Chinese flower, people have been known to express their love for them, possibly believing that the flowers would bring them good fortune.

·       Delosperma

This flower is a sign of good fortune and luck. Delosperma is available in a wide variety of shades, including red, purple, green, pink, yellow, and white. Its drought resistance makes it a common alternative for xeriscaping, a garden design technique that includes selecting plants that need little water to sustain.

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