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May 14, 2021 5 min read

"Friendship is like a flower, with love, care, and respect it grows stronger."

The day of friendship is the day that you will meet the love and caring of your mate. This is the day spent with all friends who would like to thank their respective friends and show their affection worthy of reciprocation. Just by writing a poem dedicated to your friend and gift a handwritten card or giving a bunch of flowers, you can show your love in several ways. Most of the time, flowers are the perfect way to let your friends know how special they are and how much they want in your life. This year, then, make your relationship the ideal way to let your friend know that it's vital to them.

No friendship is the same, so it is a delicate challenge to choose the right flowers for these particular individuals. Fortunately, every flower has a personal sense representing the specific characteristics you care about in someone else or the connection itself. To choose the right kind of bouquet for your friend, you need to follow different tips and suggestions:

The friendship of flowers & colors:

Some colors and flowers are more representatives than others of friendship. Would you like to know what flowers to buy on this friendship day?

Friendship flowers have a symbolic significance amongst mates. For example:

  • The alstroemeria is the flower of friendship, but you will not find it in several bouquets of friendship. This flower also stands for good fortune and wealth, offering double significance.
  • Friendship and pleasure are reminiscent of yellow roses. They can also reflect a fresh start that makes them great when a relationship that has been stagnant for some time is restarted.

Today, while the floral presents are plentiful, we are not so concerned with the deep meaning of flowers. It's easy to choose from the local nursery a bunch of roses, but it's also important to express your thoughts and attention. Why not pick bouquets for Friendship Day that contain friendly flowers, or better yet, give your friends a quality floral bouquet to spend a lot longer?

This year give Sola Wood Flowers to your friend:

On this friendship day, give your friend a new kind of floral gift that can last longer than any real floral bouquet. Sola wood flowers are eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable faux flowers obtained from the bark of balsa tree wood.

Give your friend a new version of friendship flowers that is long-lasting, durable, and beautiful, just like your friendship. These flowers are handcrafted, and you can choose any kind of sola wood bloom in almost every natural or artificial color. These wooden flowers are pollen-free and allergy-free with affordable price ranges. So be a little more concerned and innovative this year and give your friend a long-lasting and safe gift of friendship day; "Sola Wood Flowers."

Choose flowers that symbolize friendship:

Here are a few very common and impressive flower options that you can pick from on this friendship day for your life long buddy:


The yellow rose is the most popular friendship day flower. Tall, blousy, and always sweetly scented, roses are everyone's favorite – with various meanings for every color. As a bearer of friendship and pleasure, Friendship Day is the perfect reason to buy the yellow roses. If your friend has some fragrance allergy issues, then sola wood roses are perfect substitutes for these real yellow roses.

2.    GERBERA:

If you choose pink as the main attraction rather than yellow, Gerbera floral bouquet is the right one. The pink, orange, and white Gerbera daisies blend with a great amount of charm. Don't forget to add Yellow gerbera.

3.    IVY:

Ivies symbolize reliance, perseverance, and fidelity. This Friendship Day, find your friend a young potted ivy, and a wall will develop out easily. It can also be maintained as a home, which reduces indoor air emissions. But if your friend is not very much of a gardening person, pick the sola wood version of ivy.


These flowers are also known as the Peruvian lily. These are one of the most popular flowers that represent long-lasting bonds between people. Meaning deeply rooted in friendship is courage, loyalty, and support for one another. Each of the six petals means something: patience, empathy, reverence, laughter, comprehension, and dedication. What a great way to share your relationship with friends!


In a multitude of colors, tulips come and have another sense with each color. Get pink tulips if you want to evoke friendship and caring wishes. Since the tulips are a favorite cut flower and are primarily used in bouquets, they're a safe choice.

6.    SWEET PEA:

A token of thanks has been the beautiful cottage garden sweet pea. The best rustic bunches are made of sweet-scented sweet peas or purchased as seeds for sowing in autumn. Hundreds of beautiful sweet pea varieties are available.


Traditionally, sunflowers symbolize fidelity and pure feelings. This happy flower is an icon of worship and devotion, both important to a true friend. These flowers also dry and the seeds gathered, which enables them to double their homework. Their sola wood mimics are also stunning in appearance and beauty.


The robust, durable blues have a wide range of significances. But power, pride, and pureness are the ones that best deal with friendship. Yellow gerbera denotes pleasure derived from a relationship with others. A luminous bouquet of Sola Wood Gerbera Daisies would be lovely in theme to add pep to the bedroom corner.


Offset the yellow flowers in this list with a violet shock, which symbolizes thanks. Campanula grows quickly, and flowers in July and August make it the ideal plant for a day of friendship. It likes humid, well-drained soil and is fully resistant and semi-green. If you have no opportunity to have natural campanula for your friend – go for its sola wood copy.

10.   MUMS:

Filled with petals, mums—formally chrysanthemums—symbolize joyfulness and a festive mood of hope. If you're delighted with your friendship and have hopefulness for the future of your relationship, these are the best friendship flowers to include in your next bouquet. Mums are such a nice variety, which makes them the perfect friendship flower for the foyer section.


This year, it won't be challenging to pick a friendship bouquet, thanks to sola wood flowers. Show your love this year to your mate's thanks to their brilliant bouquets. It is the thinking that matters really, and these gifts allow you on this special day to express your thoughts.

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