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September 07, 2020 4 min read

Do you know the Thanksgiving recipe for Friendship?

  • Get a generous cup of blessings tablespoon of reflection
  • A hand full of memories together
  • A pinch of time with friends and family
  • A good helping of laughter and hugs

Mix all the ingredients with love and forgiveness!

Whether you believe in thanksgiving tradition or not, there is no reason to ignore an idea of a special night dedicated to your fantastic Friendship and the people who make it possible. "Friendsgiving" has become a tradition, and people around the world simply love it.

 If you still have no idea of Friendsgiving, you have been missing out!

People feel dull and lazy in the autumn and winter seasons. Still, in actual they bring a sense of togetherness with the cold air that makes everyone desperate to spend more time with the people they love and care about.

Of course, Thanksgiving is one of the main events of these seasons, where people get to overload on their favorite foods while catching up with family, relatives, and friends from near and far.

Friendsgiving is just like Thanksgiving that adds more fun and waves of laughter!

Friendsgiving is an event dedicated to celebrating with friends who have become your family. Indeed it will become your new favorite holiday that you never knew you needed.

Suppose you have decided to host a Friendsgiving dinner this year. In that case, you are possibly searching for beautiful and innovative ideas to have one of the best times of your life.

How to celebrate Friendsgiving?

Celebrations need no hard and fast rules to follow, but all in need is a heart full of happiness, joy, and gratitude. Like Thanksgiving, everyone is free to choose your own way of celebrating this joyful event.

But in any case, if you are feeling a bit stumped about what you should bring to Friendsgiving, here are some of the awesome Friendsgiving ideas that will surely please your crowd!

·    Set party mood:

There is so much to enjoy within friends from chit chat to fun party games, loud music, and dance, but all this is incomplete without proper party vibes. You need decorations that set the mood and make this Friendsgiving dinner more than just an ordinary get together.

It needs a lot of efforts and keen thoughts to make guests remember the tables and seats. It depends upon how large or small your Friendsgiving is. It may be ok to arrange a single party table or need more than one table.

You can also bring a cozy touch by providing floor seating. Use oversized pillows and couch cushions to set a perfect sitting arrangement.

·    Use flowers to spice up your tablescape!

To create a classy Friendsgiving décor, use gorgeous autumn color flowers to arrange floral decors, floral wreath, and floral centerpieces. Create flower garlands using orange roses and sunflowers. You can use fresh cut flowers for the décor, but sola wood flowers can be a far better option to do the same.

These blooms made of natural wood have the power to make people astonished about their real identity. These flowers are amazingly identical to the real flowers because of their handmade crafting, unlimited color options, and season availability.

Of course, there may be a possibility of having friends who have pollen allergy or asthma issues. Real blooms can be problematic for them, but instead of real flowers, wooden blooms make it not a big deal to worry about. Their durability and long-lasting nature make it possible to give these blooms a keepsake of Friendsgiving dinner's beautiful memories to all your friends.

 Use perfectly styled flowers to set the look you desire to display:

  • Use sola wood, orange Lily, yellow peony, and peach rose with tea candles having fall scent to create an intimate, warm atmosphere.
  • To create natural elegance, use sola wood roses and baby breaths in white or ivory color. Add a touch of fairy lights and use metallic utensils and drinkware to add a touch of modernity.
  • To set a dark and moody theme, use wooden red dahlia, burgundy rose, or blue viola. Mix matte and metallic to bring contrast and a variety to your dinner table.

·    Make traditional pumpkin pie a little unique!

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving classic, but you can add a unique twist in this classic friendship theme. Instead of a regular pumpkin pie, try something like a pumpkin meringue pie to give you and your BFFs something new to savor while still enjoying a classic autumn favorite.

·    Try a fun dress code!

Friendsgiving is a friend's time, and there is no need to be too formal to follow strict etiquettes. To have an extra laugh, try out a silly dress code. Instead of dressing up on Thanksgiving, try out a pajama or costume theme. It will be so comfy and enjoyable for everyone.

·    Be creative with cocktails:

Drinks are one of the most expensive parts of Friendsgiving. As a host, you always want to find ways to keep the cost of cocktails and mocktails down:

  • Avoid getting bottles of wine but grab a few boxes of wine equal to three-or-four bottles. Pour these liquor boxes in a decanter or a pitcher, so no one knows the boxes ever existed.
  • You can try to make two kinds of punch: one without spirits and one with spirits.
  • Get a bottle of your favorite liquor, mix in some punch, and put it in a pitcher or bowl with a fruit garnish.
  • You can mix different kinds of fruit juice together and present it the same way for the mocktail lovers.

·    Arrange a Friendsgiving Potluck:

Host a potluck to have a delicious holiday party on a budget. Decide your favorite theme for celebrations and invite your guests to assign them a specific dish, dessert, or beverage. You can go traditional with all the trimmings and turkey as the main dish.


A unique and memorable Friendsgiving is not about being too spendy. It is actually about spending quality time with your friends and making beautiful everlasting memories that will bring a smile on your lips in hard times and sad moments.

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