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March 14, 2021 4 min read

Everyone appreciates receiving flowers as a present. Similarly, a dancer can feel exceptional when they receive flowers. However, it is unnecessary to buy a dancer's flower or a present for a dance recital or a concert. Still, your support in the form of flowers with your constructive reviews is usually adequate.

Why do Ballerinas/dancers receive flowers after a performance?

The tradition of giving flowers to ballerinas, dancers, and artists after the performance is a form of thanks to the audience. Admirals and followers give flowers to ballerinas to symbolize how much they cherish, respect, and idolize them.

History of giving flowers to a dancer:

Giving flowers is not new, and there is no definite history of how this tradition began. Many archeological sites have found pollen evidence and, thus, of flowers put in and on graves as early as the Neanderthal era between 35 and 45.000 years ago.

The giving of flowers to express love, gratitude, and affection has been around almost since the beginning of human time. The Pharaohs and even the peasants of ancient Egyptian times would adorn themselves with flowers and offer them offerings of love and worship. Similarly, the Romans bestowed floral wreaths on their victorious athletes. Chinese history tells us that it was customary for individual religious adherents to cut flowers on their worship altars as far back as 618 CE.

In particular, flower giving became part of many British ballet companies' tradition, and fans who sponsored them would complement the dancer's low pay with bread, chocolates, and flowers to express their appreciation. Male dancers are not offered flowers since this is seen as a false pas and are generally given a bottle of Champagne or wine. Their female counterpart will sometimes pluck a flower from their bouquet and instead give it to their male dance partner as a token of appreciation and gratitude.

What kind of flowers should be given to a dancer after a dance recital or performance?

The sorts of flowers you offer to a dancer after their performance require your keen attention as you gift these flowers to boost their confidence. Your given flowers appreciate them for their hard work and motivate the dancers to perform even better in their next coming performances. It is so much you need to think about before giving flowers after the dance recital:

·       Real or faux flowers:

Traditionally real flowers are given to appreciate dancers as a present for their mind-blowing performance. But as things are changing with time, it is now more useful to provide them with some blooms to keep as a keepsake of their best performance for a long time.

Sola wood flowers are trendsetters in so many ways as a new version of false blooms. These are flowers that are not artificial in many ways. Of course, sola wood flowers are technically faux flowers, but they are originated from a natural source that is why they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The inner bark of a tree called the Balsa Tree is used to create the petals of sola wood flowers. This is a method that requires no complicated machines and procedures to transform these wood shavings into flowers. Skilled craftsmen make these flowers just with a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun. These flowers are artistic masterpieces so giving sola wood flowers to a dancer is a way to appreciate their fantastic talent.

·       Long stem vs. short stem bouquets?

Generally, if the main female dancer is faced with flowers on stage, a bouquet of long-stemmed flowers is used. This provides the impression of a star who receives a greater arrangement than the other dancers who would receive shorter stem bouquets that can be carried in their hands rather than cradled by their backs. You can use sola wood peonies, calla lilies, sunflowers, and roses with long stems for the lead dancer.

A shorter-stemmed bouquet is typically often suitable for a young dancer who has not yet worked on the logistics of keeping a longer-stemmed arrangement. Spray roses, daisies, and amaryllis are good to use in short-stemmed sola wood bouquets.

·       Type and color for wood flowers for dancers:

Most flowers have a sense when giving them to another human, right down to the specific hue you can give to express how you feel about them. The appropriate meanings and floral color have their significance to send the right message to your dancer - about how you feel about them and their performance.

Roses are typically the safest flower choice; just make sure they don't have any thorns since it's a tradition for a dancer to take out a single rose to send to their instructor or someone else who helped them to do their best in the day. It is the different color of the rose that determines its meaning.

  • The red rose symbolizes love, and parents or partners should give it.
  • White roses represent both remembrances as well as new beginnings. These flowers may be given to signify a fresh start or innocence that may be occurring in your dancer's life.
  • Pink roses are the best bet if the dancer is a relative or close friend because they are less of a romantic gesture. Pink roses show your admiration and joy for your dancer.
  • Ivory roses are usually given as a gesture of thanks. These roses do not look lovely with any other flowers, and that can offer a double message in saying thank you for inviting me to your recital.
  • According to Victorian standards, yellow roses portray the message of jealousy, but today the yellow color represents the meaning of friendship, and they also symbolize joy and happiness.
  • Blue sola wooden roses represent mystery or the impossible and are a creative option to give to a dancer.
  • Orange wooden rose flowers are fun and exciting. They symbolize enthusiasm and energy and are an excellent choice for a jazz or hip hop dancer instead of something more traditional.

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