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April 11, 2021 4 min read

As the saying goes, life is not necessarily a bouquet or a box of chocolates with everything sweet and trouble-free. We regularly experience pain and grief and meet people who have experienced heartbreak, sadness, and remorse. As caring friends, we wish to provide a supportive shoulder to our friends and families, even though we are in pain. Our help can take the form of a warm embrace, sound advice, or a persistent reminder that "I am here for you."

Sympathy flowers can contribute a lot:

Flowers have long been recognized as an excellent memorial for the dead. Flower arrangements are commonly shown at wakes, memorial services, and burials. This demonstrates how flower-giving at funerals is deeply ingrained in almost every culture.

In some other cultures, people may have second thoughts about sending flowers to a funeral and instead opt for condolence money. Although cash can be helpful financially, florals as funeral tokens have much more value than money can.

Sympathy flowers are a form of flower arrangement or floral design that may be difficult for people to decide and discuss. When it comes to helping families choose sympathy flowers, not all florists have the same intentions.

Why funeral flowers make better funeral gifts?

There are many reasons to select flowers as better funeral gifts:

  • Flowers for funerals have a metaphysical meaning!

Flowers bear symbolisms that touch on humans' divine journeys apart from expressions of affection and compassion. Death is an imminent period of the lives of all flowers and humans. This can also be attributed to Christians' religious conviction that life on Earth is only transient.

Funeral flowers, unlike financial gifts, give a reminder that human lives are like flowers in that they are temporary. This little gesture will give the bereaved the feeling that you consider them and that your sympathy is sincere.

  • Flowers for funerals have a greater emotional appeal!

Flowers may not be able to talk, but their presence alone may express the words that are too difficult to utter. They have a vocabulary that helps them to convey profound feelings of compassion and empathy. This is something that no sum of money will ever do.

Sending flowers to express condolences indicates that you care for the dead and that they will never be forgotten. Imagine missing a loved one and seeing their coffin surrounded by beautiful floral arrangements. Isn't it a lovely memory to remember that he or she is cherished by so many?

  • Sending funeral flowers shows greater effort!

While the availability of online platforms has made the task of sending flowers simpler, it still needs some initiative that is more difficult to accomplish than merely giving money. The time and effort you put into sending this token of appreciation will be greatly valued, from nitpicking the florist and flower arrangements to paying the bill.

  • Funeral flowers leave a longer impression!

Flowers will fade and die, but this token of respect will live on in the hearts of those who are mourning. Cash can be a valuable financial aid, but it may quickly be ignored and forgotten in times of hardship and misery. On the other hand, funeral flowers can be used at wakes which burials and can serve as a permanent remembrance that you were there with the bereaved every step of the way.

  • Funeral flowers are not there for decoration!

The custom of sending flowers in times of mourning dates back thousands of years when embalming was not yet a thing. Flowers were used for their scent to help counteract the odors of rotting flesh, in addition to paying homage to the deceased. It has evolved into a living tradition over the years. Even though embalming is no longer used, floral arrangements are also an important part of funerals, not just for decoration but also to mask the scent of the deceased.

Popular funeral flowers:

Here is the list of some popular funeral flowers that are best to send as sympathy blooms:

  • ROSES:

Roses are the universal token of love and a gentle reminder that everyone is thinking of you. Roses are delicate and fragrant, and they come in a variety of colors:

  • Red roses say I love you with a sincere romance
  • Yellow roses say cheer and joy
  • White roses say innocence and a fresh beginning
  • Cream roses say I love you with a gentle elegance and thoughtfulness

As a result, white and cream roses represent a new beginning, a time to step on but remembering the past while still recognizing that you are in someone's thoughts.

  • Lily:

The lily is a flower to choose from depending on the event and the desired sympathy. Lilies are a flower that is often associated with funerals and mourning. The lily reflects regeneration in Christian rituals, and the flower's vocabulary often conveys the belief that the spirit of the dead has been granted new life. Consequently, lilies signal the beginning of a new chapter and a new view on life; however, this does not suggest that you would forget about the past or that special person.

  • Carnations:

Since carnations are a thick bloom, they are commonly paired with other forms of sympathy flowers. Other flowers, such as roses and lilies, will take center stage, allowing the best sympathy flowers to shine. Carnations are commonly used in wreaths, crosses, and other sympathy arrangements resulting from their sympathy.

  • Gladiolas:

Gladiolas, which resemble lilies and have long stems and blade-shaped leaves, are often used in sympathy arrangements. They come in a variety of colors and have long stems and blade-shaped leaves. Gladiolas and lilies have a similar look and evoke a similar reaction.

  • Statice:

The statice is widely used in both dried and fresh flower arrangements. The statice is a flower that reflects remembrance and plays an important role in a luxurious bouquet. The statice aids recollection, whether it is of a loved one, a remote memory, or in reconciliation.


Losing someone we love is never easy, and no gifts may be able to alleviate that sorrow and pain. But a simple act of sending sympathy flowers to the family in sorrow is the best possible way to support much deeper than the financial.

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