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March 07, 2021 4 min read

Flowers that speak of Love & Romance!

The fresh flower was a long-standing blessing for a variety of occasions, including Valentine's Day. It doesn't make a difference what kind of blossom anyone wants to give to someone on Valentine's Day, but a few flowers have a reputation for being more romantic than others.

There is no hard and fast rule to stick to the red roses on Valentine's Day, and you can mix a number of flowers with your red roses to create a beautiful flower bundle. Fresh flowers are delicate, beautiful, and impressive, but it is unnecessary to follow the tradition of giving real flowers only on Valentine's Day. As cakes, chocolates, teddy bears, and other romantic gifts have made their place in the traditional celebrations of this day of love and romance. Here it is time to break another rule – give sola wood flower to your loved ones this time.

Why it's time to modify the tradition?

Real flowers are the symbol of true sentiments and natural feelings. But things are changing with time. The world is no more the same after COVID-19, and this pandemic situation has changed the way of gifting flowers. Now you need to be careful before giving fresh flowers to anyone. Pollen allergy, sinus and asthma issues, etc., have changed the perception of flowers completely.

It is now time to find some out-of-the-box solutions for gifting flowers. The arrival of sola wood flowers in the floral wedding industry was a fresh breath of air for florists, and now these blooms are going to rule the gifting world.

Wood flowers are faux blooms, but their origin is natural. These are the flowers that cause zero pollution, and these are completely bio-degradable. Wood flowers are obtained from the shavings of the inner bark of the balsa tree wood. These flowers are completely handmade, and that is why you get a completely customized appearance for every single flower that is so much closer to the natural blooms. Sola wood flowers are available in every natural and glamorous color with no seasonal restrictions also, and there is nothing to worry about the pollen or other allergen issues.

Wood flowers are replacing real flowers. People prefer to use these blooms in wedding decorations, like flowers for home décor, in complicated floral arrangements and use wood flowers as gifts on various occasions.

Pick sola wood flowers to express your love!

Sola wood blooms convey the message of love, affection, and romance equally gracefully as real blooms do. The durability, color versatility, and availability in every season are the features that make wood flowers superior to the actual blooms (though no one can take the place of real flowers in anyways).

Here are a few of the most impressive and vibrant sola wood flowers that you can choose to convey your message of love to someone extraordinary. You can select these flowers as per the message you need to deliver similarly as real flowers do.

·       Lilies:

Though lilies are famous for representing charm, but can easily show love to your special one. These blooms are well known all year round as roses. You can use a collective sola wood lily and rose pack for celebrations, including Valentine's Day. One of the first portraits of lily dates back to the Middle Ages of China. You can get sola wood lilies, usually in three varieties, red, yellow, or purple.

·       Carnations:

 Carnations are beautiful cut flowers and have a long-lasting beauty. These flowers are an indication of passion, excitement, and romance. Carnations are the second most common blessing to be offered on Valentine's Day after roses. Sola wood Carnations can live for years as a symbol of your steadfast love

·       The Rose:

Red rose is the perfect sign of 'I Love You.' Rose is so emotional that it indeed inspires the receivers. The rose is the top choice all year long, and it is perhaps the best-loved flower on the planet. The red rose is the image of adoration and the most famous flower on Valentine's Day.

·       Tulips:

Tulips were initially cultivated in Turkey at the time of the Ottoman Empire. These flowers began to be used as romantic blossoms, particularly red tulips. A tradition linked to the red tulip describes that a king who had lost his loved one through death could not have survived without it, along these lines, bouncing off a precipice. His red drops of blood turned into shocking red tulips! Depicting genuine and ideal love tulips is perfect for Valentine's Day blessings.

·       Hydrangeas:

These are flowers famous for expressing charm, and many brides use hydrangeas during their wedding. Hydrangeas are unbelievably nostalgic, graceful, and delicate! A bunch of sola wood hydrangeas is the perfect showcase for a seat, and the hydrangea bramble is a sparkling blessing for every lady as well.

·       Iris:

Iris' are so beautiful; naturally, there are three characteristics of this bloom:

  • The Arid Irises
  • The Beardless Iris
  • The beaded Irises

Every single Iris has its unique attributes and magnificence. It's only being given that one will make her day. The Iris has become a choice to blossom with a variety of individuals.

·       Jasmine:

 It is a lovely white flower that looks so pure and delicate! These are the flowers too sophisticated, making them a sparkling blessing for any lady.

·       Lilacs:

The Lilacs are especially convincing, and different colors of lilacs give these blooms a distinguishing grace.  

  • Pink lilacs regularly symbolize the first love
  • White lilac talks with energetic authenticity and immaculateness
  • Purple lilacs will provide protection in a few contacts.

You can also get sola wood Lilacs in red, blue, or yellow colors.

·       Orchid:

Unlike other flowers with round-shaped petals, orchids have geometrically shaped petals. No great surprise, these beautiful flowers are used to express excellent messages. Orchids are used as pictures of love, and it is exceptional flowers to demonstrate love, romance, and comfort.

·       Wild Flowers:

Wildflowers are very romantic, and you may bring them together with other nostalgic flowers, such as orchid or lilac, and make a lovely bunch of sola wood wildflowers.

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