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June 02, 2020 3 min read

Just like sola wood flowers, balsa wood flowers are also unique. They are hand made flowers that are made from the bark of the balsa tree. Several craftspeople throughout the world make balsa wood flowers and tend to earn huge business. Moreover, there are several ways in which balsa wood flowers are used. They are one of the most amazing types of handmade flowers. Because of their delicacy, they are widely used around the world. Currently, more and more people have started getting involved in it. Just like sola wood flowers, they are long-lasting and can be shaped very easily. There are several tutorials and steps are available on the internet that is easy to follow and anyone can learn to make them. So, if you are wondering about how balsa wood flowers are made, you will find here in this blog amazing details about it. Moreover, you can try to make them yourself even if you do not know how to. Once, you learn this, you will be able to start making wood rose for sale with the help of balsa wood. Trust us. This is something worthy of learning. So, don’t wait to have a look at the details ahead.

Do it yourself- Balsa wood flowers

Balsa wood flowers are simple to make and handy to keep. Just like sola wood flowers they are versatile in their features and are far better than those natural flowers. Even, you can try to dye them and add fragrances to bring them to life the same as you do with sola wood flower dye color. Here we are sharing the details of steps that you can try to follow to balsa wood flowers very easily. If you are capable of gathering all the material, there is nothing that can stop you from making balsa wood flowers. Fetch the following material:

  • Thin balsa wood (1/32 inch thick or less)
  • Real or synthetic rose
  • Pencil
  • Artist’s blade or utility knife
  • Wood glue
  • Masking tape
  • Grated cooling rack
  • Clothes steamer or cooking pot with lid
  • Wood dowel (l/4inch diameter)

As you are ready with your material list, its time to follow the steps. These steps are mentioned as under:


Utilize the petals from your actual or synthetic flower like a rose to sketch out your petals or sepals in the balsa wood that is provided in the form of thin sheets. Make sure, whatever design you choose, you should be as neat as possible.


Now, cut down the petal shapes from balsa wood sheets with the help of your artist's blade. Make sure, this blade is fine enough to produce even edges. Now, place them on a firm rack. This is very important because your flower shape will be decided upon this.


Now, try to curl the piece while being extremely careful in it as firm a cone as you could. Once it is flexible enough you can try to make it fixed by gluing one after and other


After you have completed the flower, set it aside for a while.


Now, its time to add fragrances and colors into your flowers to bring them to life.


As you have learned about how to make balsa wood flowers, you are ready to work on it. Try to initiate now, because this is the right time to highlight your artistic approach in this quarantine.

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