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June 19, 2020 2 min read

Wedding is all about having fun, and let's be honest – having fun with a bit of alcohol is a much easier task for many people. Your guests will come to your wedding ready to party and have some fun. That means that besides all the nice decorations, sola wood wedding flowers, and cakes, you will also be expected to serve some alcohol. At first, you might think that a few beers, a bottle of wine, and some old whiskey would be enough to satisfy everyone's needs. However, once you realize that you have dozens (if not hundreds) of guests, the task of calculating your alcohol supply becomes tougher. So how to do it?

Know Your Guests

The most important thing is to look at your guest list and do some honest evaluation. If your uncle loves to drink whiskey, you might want to have some whiskey for him (just don't get too much if you don't want him passing out in your beautiful sola wood wedding flowers). If some of your friends are pregnant, you don't have to count them in the calculations (at least we hope so). If most of your guests hate wine, you don't have to buy ten boxes of wine (unless you want to have some leftovers after your honeymoon).

Try to evaluate how many liters of beer and liquor each of your guests could drink before you start advanced calculations. 

What Are Your Goals?

Do you want everyone to go full party mode? Or do you prefer to have a modest wedding without too many drunk people? Do you want the party to go on for two days, or do you want the alcohol to run out before midnight? You need to answer these questions to yourself before placing an order for all the booze. If you are having a sophisticated wedding in a ballroom venue, decorated with sola wood roses, you might want to limit the alcohol supply. But if your family and friends love to have a party and the venue can handle it, just buy some 20 percent extra of alcohol from your initial calculations, so you don't risk the night ending too soon.

Talk to Professionals

We bet that you did not cook your wedding cake, right? Most likely, a professional florist shaped your sola wood bridal bouquet, as well. So, if you hire experienced vendors to help you out with your wedding planning, you might want to hire a professional bartending vendor who would take care of your needs. Professionals know all the possible issues that might occur throughout the night, starting from special requests from guests to realistic calculations. Of course, if you have thrown many big parties before, you might do it all yourself, but if you are not experienced in buying alcohol for 50+ people, better consult professionals.

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