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January 22, 2020 2 min read

Wedding dress is one of the most special dresses a girl buys during her life, it is unlike any other shopping spree – but, surely it is not as exaggerated as any episode of ‘saying yes to the dress’!

An average wedding dress can cost around $1000. The range however starts from $280 and goes up to $1650, but there is no limit.

What Actually Causes Fluctuation in Wedding Dress Prices?

If you are opting for an exquisite design with little intricate details then be prepared for the time when you will see actual holes in your pocket because the more beading and Swarovski you opt for the higher the price goes.

If you are opting for a ball gown that has a trail which a football team has to carry for you as you walk down the aisle, then you will have to pay for the extra fabric as well.

Combine both the elements, and there you will have a price to pay for labor, fabric, detailing and the price of the designer’s brand name.

Extra Costs Are Yet another Story

Alterations: The price decided at the beginning of your consultation with your designer will just be for the product they present to you on the fitting day, but after that any alterations required will require extra payments.

Undergarments and Accessories: obviously your beautiful Cinderella ball gown will require undergarments to support the bodice as well. So, count in the cost for lingerie as well.

Cleaning and Maintenance: it was your big day; you wore your favorite designer dress, now what? Well, if it was a dress that cost you a fortune then you need to be okay with the fact that you are still spending hundreds of dollars on maintaining it.

Here is how you can save cost of your wedding dress:

  • Don’t opt for a dress that is out of your budget.
  • Find a simple dress and accessorize it to make it look dressier.
  • Opt for dress that doesn’t need many changes.
  • Give yourself the proper time to shop for a dress that is both in line with your budget and your style. Planning ahead of time will help you make the best bargain.
  • Be thrifty! If you are looking for a particular designer then there is a great chance you can find such a piece in trunk shows! Keep your eyes open all this time.

Follow these tips to lower the cost of your wedding dress, and have a wedding that is way within your budget!

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