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February 05, 2020 2 min read

Choosing the venue to get married at is one of the things you need to strike off your wedding to-do list as soon as you can. You are quite likely to end up spending the most on it for the wedding venue cost is usually high. It is crucial to do your own research beforehand so that you are satisfied and not in any depth afterwards for spending too much. If you see the stats then you will know that the average cost for a venue in US falls around $600.

The most suggested viewpoint to consider is to have your reception and ceremony at the same venue and you will save up a lot of extra cost that you may spend if decided to go for different locations. Other than the venue itself, you will also be saving up on transportation cost, rentals and ditch the clichéd floral décor to for wooden wedding flowers for a modern look.

However, there are some other factors, as well, to ponder upon that may help you keep an economic budget.

Number of Guests:

Other than the location of course, the number of guests invited plays a huge part in dialing up the cost if the pay is “per person”. Try cutting down on people you hardly ever meet and invite the close ones to have an intimate setting.

What’s included?

Sometimes paying the cost for a venue is not all that you need to take care of. You’ll see the need to hire rental company, vendors etc. which will only increase the cost. This is where research comes handy. So, try finding a location providing you in-house vendors to save up a little on your wedding venue cost.

The Date:

The date of course, is yet another factor to take into notice. There are days of the week that have a high demand, you’ll be asked for a higher cost. So, look for days that are off-peak season, like a week day maybe?

Such things keep adding up and you only get to know about the actual cost when you’re actually paying the amount and then there is no time left to think about saving a few bucks from here and there. You can even get customized wooden wedding flowers and they’ll look as real as the real ones. So, research is a vital element that can lead you to a wedding of your desire while also presenting you with an economical budget.

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