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July 19, 2020 2 min read

It is exciting to get invited to any wedding! What can be more exciting than witnessing the beginning of a new family? Also, surrounded by wonderful people in a beautiful venue, decorated with sola wood wedding flowers, you might find your own love or tighten the bond with your other half. That said, the first thing you have to take care of once you get invited is a wedding gift. Gladly, a lot of couples will ask for money, so you won't have to spend days browsing the wedding website and registry, trying to pick the best gift. However, how much money should you give?

Don't Go Lower Than $50

You can give as much money as you want, but you should really avoid coming with less than $50. No matter how small the wedding is, $50 should be the least you are giving. Of course, it is not your job to cover the costs of the wedding for the couple. But you should understand how much money and effort they spent to make the wedding. Showing up with $20 might come across a bit insulting and awkward. And the last thing you want is to look cheap/inadequate. Also, consider bringing a beautiful sola wood wedding bouquet with you as well as it will paint your gift with more colors and warmth.

$160 Is the Average

According to the statistics, the average gift at the wedding is $160. However, that includes huge gifts that inflate the numbers. Most guests will bring from $100 to $150, which is extremely reasonable for most of the weddings. Of course, if you are rich and invited to a posh wedding, you might have to give $500, but these are rare occasions. But as we have already suggested, buy some sola wood roses to accompany your cheque and prepare a few nice words for the couple to make your gift more authentic.

Coming as a Couple?

Couples/families are expected to give a little bit more than solo people. After all, you will probably drink and eat more as well. So, $100-$150 should be the minimum gift, but it would be a nice gesture to come with something around $200-250.

Consider Your Relationship with the Couple

If you are the bride's father, you should probably give a more generous gift than your daughter's coworker who only came for the open bar and a good party. Always consider your relationship with the couple. If you normally give $100 as a gift, but you are going to your best friend's wedding, it might be nice to give $150 or even $200. Of course, also remember your financial situation and remember that there is no shame in giving less. Of course, not less than $50. If you cannot give more money and still want to make a great gift, consider giving something else than cash. If you are an artist, you might create something special for the couple that would have sentimental value. Buy a sola wood wedding bouquet on top of that, and it might make even better present than any money in the world.

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