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October 01, 2020 2 min read

If you want to have a perfect wedding without experience too much stress, we highly recommend hiring a professional wedding planner. These people are paid to plan weddings for a reason! Just as you trust your florist to pick sola wood wedding flowers, you should also trust your wedding planner to put every piece together into a wonderful celebration! However, nothing comes for free. A good wedding planner will cost you. The only question is how much.

Do You Need a Planner or Coordinator?

There is a huge difference between wedding planners and coordinators. A wedding coordinator is someone who will make sure that everything is going according to the plan during your special day. They will not help you in hiring vendors or negotiating better deals. However, they will make sure that your florist has all the sola wood wedding bouquets ready and that your catering vendor serves food on time. So, if you want to organize the wedding yourself and only need someone who makes sure that the plan is executed perfectly, hire a wedding coordinator!

A wedding planner will make it all happen. They will help you to pick the best wedding venue for the most reasonable price. Also, they will help you to decorate the venue with beautiful sola wood roses and even advise you on the best available wedding dresses. Wedding planners usually have a lot of contacts, so you will be sure that you receive reliable and quick services. If you don't have time or energy to go through all the planning tasks yourself, hiring a wedding planner might be a great idea!

$50-$200 Per Hour

Be prepared to pay around $50-$200 per hour for your wedding planner. If you want to give a chance to someone new in the industry, they might charge a bit less just to build their portfolio, but you should not expect anything cheaper than $50 per hour. That will most likely add up to $1500-$6000 in total. But you will be sure that all the sola wood wedding bouquets are in the right place and the venue is ready for your big day. Considering the fact that you will save hours if not days of browsing through the internet, looking for perfect vendors, it is a good deal.

You Might Even Save Money

In many cases, you might end up saving money because your wedding planner might have better deals and contacts. If you plan the wedding yourself, you will most likely pay more for a wedding venue, and you might hire the most expensive vendors on the market. Also, a professional wedding planner will have a lot of options on how to save you some money, so consider hiring them even if it doesn't sound cheap at first. Of course, if you are great at finding cheap deals online and you have a lot of time, you might plan everything yourself. However, most people save money on wedding planners just because they find better solutions.

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