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September 29, 2020 4 min read

Wedding flowers are the most important detail for the wedding venue and the most wanted accessory for the bride! 

No other decorations say more about the 'wedding' than flowers!

How to pick your wedding flowers is a tricky question, and you have to choose between real or fake flowers for wedding, DIY or designer wedding floral items, silk or sola wedding flowers, and many more.

In reality, the wedding flowers can be the theme in every decoration, the church, the way out of the church, the reception hall, and the dining room on every table. Without beautiful and vibrant flowers, no wedding day will be full. Floral decors add colors, vitality, and elegance to the ceremony and reception.

However, if the bride is quite picky about getting just her favorite flower, this proposal sounds fairly costly! The bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, altarpieces, and centerpieces can add thousands of dollars to the wedding bill. If a professional wedding florist not feasible to meet your budget, you may want to consider a less costly option.

Also, when a couple first inquires about wedding flowers, they make a list of things accompanied by some awesome Pinterest pictures and estimate their costing. 

But frankly speaking, many couples cannot afford those pictures in reality. Pinterest and wedding magazines show the floral masterpieces from celebrities' weddings or business events. They have a bigger budget, typically.

How to save money on wedding flowers?

Couples need to be more realistic about their floral options and wedding budget. They have to be mindful of the costs involved and try to get the best value for money.

Here some effective ways to buy wedding flowers for your special day at minimum cost:

·       From the floral section of the grocery store

Several grocery stores offer a floral department where their employees are accustomed to putting centerpieces together in many ways. You can contact a few shops, and you can find they will provide the same centerpieces and bouquets as the average wedding florist, at a much lower price.

It is better to get the complete floral packages that include boutonnieres, corsages, and ceremony flowers sold by stores. In fact, as an added bonus, bakeries of a few of the grocery stores will prepare your wedding cake and merge suppliers. 

Buying flowers wholesale for a wedding: 

Another option to get wedding flowers is buying wholesale flowers and arranging them yourself to save money. It will surely help you to stop a florist's markup. Do it yourself (DIY) wedding flowers can be an ideal option for brides having artistic skills and better aesthetic taste. It's important to remember that it takes research, practice, and equipment to arrange your own flowers.

You have to invest in the bouquets in floral shears, floral tape, decorative wrap, and pins. You need a vessel for the flowers and floral foam for the centerpieces to keep them moist and help them to maintain their shape. To get inspiration and ideas you can search YouTube tutorials about "How to DIY wedding flowers?".

·       Order wedding flowers online:

It is a lot of work to arrange your own flowers. As an alternative, bouquets and centerpieces from an online can be prepared on demand. This costs more than buying wholesale flowers but doesn't require you to spend hours studying and practicing the arrangement.

One of the benefits of using a pre-packaged online service is that you know exactly what it will look like for your flower bouquets and arrangements. This makes it much simpler for the bridal party to arrange colors and prepare their table decorations. That doesn't allow you to customize your arrangements on the flip side, so you may not get the desired looks and designs you want. There are so many best places to order flowers online for weddings from where you can get fresh and artificial wedding flowers and floral arrangements at affordable prices. You can also go for used wedding flowers on sale to reduce your floral budget.

·       Mixing expensive & inexpensive flowers:

By following everybody's favorite fashion rule, get the look for less: Match high with low! One of the best options you can use for your wedding flowers is the use of expensive and inexpensive fresh flowers.

Such as the combination of white roses with baby breath bushes is really an elegant and stunning combination with the pure wedding feel. If you don't like alternating, then consider selecting a lot of fillers like stock and greenery and add the expensive and coveted flowers in pops.

·       Use sola wood flowers:

Artificial flowers, especially the sola wood flowers, are, in many ways, much more realistic than the real thing. They are not going to wilt or bruise or fall apart. You should purchase them ahead of time as they don't need to be kept cool or damp, and transport is a breeze. If you're dead-set on a flora out of season or very costly, wooden flowers will help you build less look.

Real flowers come with a far higher price tag. Although the sola wood blooms are more convenient than cut flowers, they are not inherently less costly than a conventional centerpiece. However, after your wedding, you can resell them, which can help defray the cost. Some florists also allow brides, after the wedding, to rent wooden flowers and return them.

Woodflowers.com is an exclusive online store that deals with wooden wedding flowers and provides you best quality wooden blooms, bouquets, and centerpieces at affordable prices.

·       Share arrangement with others:

If you are playing your cards correctly, you can get more than one use from a set of flower arrangements. For instance, if you get married near Easter or Christmas in a church, the venue will already have flower decorations that you can use for your ceremony.

Several venues hold several weddings during one day, either at various ceremony sites or at different time slots. If you believe that another wedding is taking place on the same day, ask if you can contact other brides to exchange flowers and divide the cost. Or, if you're not picky with what you want, just ask to set aside a few centerpieces for you after your previous wedding.

However, be careful that it may be a little dicey to exchange flowers. Before your wedding, you never know what kind of harm could happen.

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