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June 11, 2020 2 min read

We have to face the fact that things will be much different for a while, especially when it comes to planning big events with a lot of guests, beautiful sola wood wedding flowers, loud music, and drinks. Most of the places in the world will have certain rules and regulations for big events to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Even without those regulations, you should be aware of the situation and take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your guests. That's why choosing the right venue will be one of your biggest priorities.

Outside Area

You want your guests to spread around and keep a safe social distance. What is the best way to do that? Get married outdoors, somewhere on a nice farm or golf course. Also, if you are living in a scenic area, you might want to organize your wedding in nature, would it be a forest, beach, or mountains. Just remember to bring sola wood wedding bouquets

 with you as you won't have any shops nearby!

Spacious Venue

Booking a more spacious venue will cost you some extra dollars, but you have to do it to ensure safety throughout the ceremony. Try to visit the venue before the wedding and talk with the owner if they can arrange the tables so that everyone would keep a safe distance from each other. Good news – more spaces means that you can have more sola wood roses and wooden bouquets at your wedding. Read our guide on how to shape them and start preparing your decorations.

Safety Requirements

Make sure that your wedding venue meets all the legal safety requirements so that nobody would be able to cancel your wedding. Also, talk with your wedding organizer and let them know that you want extra hygiene at your wedding venue, so that they could prepare extra masks, hand sanitizer, and other products to ensure that nobody would get sick. As much as it sounds like a distraction, you might want someone to disinfect and clean the wedding venue between the ceremony and party.

Everything in One Place

You want to move and change places as little as possible, so look for a wedding venue which would be suitable for both the official part and the evening celebration. People will not want to move much across the city, as well, so they will only thank you. Also, you won't need to decorate two different places, meaning that you can use one set of sola wood wedding flowers.

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