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December 31, 2020 4 min read

A perfectly decorated Christmas tree in your living room or hallway is a truly beautiful feature. The decorative tree becomes the focal point of your home during the Christmas season when it comes to Christmas trees. This makes the way you decorate your tree highly important. There are several distinct varieties and models available to purchase at tree farms, markets, or home & DIY stores if you want a real Christmas tree.

Alternatively, there are plenty of reasons for loving an artificial Christmas tree:

  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It's long-lasting,
  • And it doesn’t, shed pine needles anywhere

But you know one big disadvantage?

Such trees may look fake, and spending a summer stuffed in the attic inside a cardboard box does not provide them any favors. Fortunately, you can make even the straggliest of fake trees look complete with a couple of tips and spruce secrets. Do not be shocked if your guests mistake your fake tree for the real deal after fluffing up the leaves, adding some new garland, and making your tree smell like pine.

For the perfectionists among us, here are few tips from to decorate their fake Christmas tree impressively:

  • Invest in a high-quality artificial tree

Christmas trees crafted from premium materials provide decorations with solid and reliable support. You will find that high-quality trees are usually more durable and can withstand repeated use every year, all while preserving their beautiful appearance. Opt for a traditional tree rather than a trend-led one, so that after a few years it does not go 'out of date, as a traditional design offers you the perfect basis for layering and decorating as you like. Each year, pre-lit Christmas trees increase in popularity, becoming a firm favorite in households. And note, consider models with advanced features providing simple setup and storage to reduce wear and tear on your Christmas tree.

·       Look for a realistic-looking artificial Christmas tree

For their affordability, flexibility, and ease of use, artificial Christmas trees have been gaining popularity. While at first, it may seem like a steep investment, note that with the correct maintenance and care, these artificial Christmas trees will last for years. Look for one that is pre-lit when picking a Christmas tree, so, you can save time buying decorations. Although colored trees are fashionable, opt for one that you can imagine for many years at home. Many people use their year-round Christmas tree for various holidays, such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, autumn, and Halloween. Artificial Christmas trees are not just for Christmas anymore!

·       Fluff and shape branches

Fluffing the branches helps make it look fuller and more natural for your Christmas tree. This can be a very time-consuming job, but trust us; it is more than worth the result. To cover as much area as possible, split each branch so that they fan out. And to fill in gaps, don’t hesitate to bend individual branches. Bear in mind that, however minimal or extravagant your embellishments might be, a properly formed tree is an attractive sight.

  • Design with Christmas Accents

This is where the fun starts, and it can run wild in your mind. You should start adding Christmas accents once you've fluffed your tree! It is the moment for which you were waiting for the whole year. You can select different lengths of ornaments, depending on the size of your Christmas tree; if you have a mini tree, for example, consider looking for tiny ornaments. We suggest around 12-20 per foot ornaments. If you're looking for a minimalist style, space them equally apart, or add them closer together for a WOW factor. Don't forget about garlands and ribbons. Try to strive for 9 feet of garland per foot of the tree for this.

·       Start with the lights first

Although pre-lit Christmas trees are common and will save you time and money, whether you have a single real or artificial tree, you will need Christmas tree lights. The lighting experts suggest, as a general rule of thumb, 100 bulbs or 5 meters of lights per 2 ft of Christmas tree. So, you'd need 300 bulbs, or 15 meters of lights, for a 6ft tree.

When decorating your Christmas tree, the first, most important thing, you need to do is always put the lights first. Once you have added decorations such as baubles and garlands, it's more difficult to do this.

Experts suggest that you start with the plug as the starting point with a string of lights, wrapping it around the trunk of your Christmas tree, working your way up from the center of your tree's foundation. Continue to wrap the lights uniformly around the branches closest to the tree, and then weaved them from the center of the crown upwards. Weave your way back down when you hit the crown, arranging the lights on the branches further out. 'Continue to weave the lights until you reach the branches' tops.

  • Choose a tree topper

Keep in mind that the tree topper is not required, but on top is the cherry. Choosing a topper that won't touch the roof is key, depending on how high your ceilings are. We suggest that the inches between the top of the tree and the ceiling be measured. We still scale our artificial Christmas trees to the nearest inch at Nearly Natural; you can try to deduct that from the height of your ceilings.

·       Layer and style ribbons

Another expert tip is to layer decorative ribbons on your Christmas tree, which will elevate the aesthetic of your tree. To create more effects, you can use one form of a ribbon or a pair of ribbons of contrasting textures and different widths.

Use wired edge ribbons, since they are simpler to sculpt into loops or rolls, and retain shape better than non-wired ribbons.

·       Balance the decoration

You have to ensure that all is well-balanced and spread out to your taste, considering many decorations on your tree. From the top of the tree, arrange embellishments, and then work towards the bottom. You can easily check your design this way while dressing up your tree.

·       Finish off with a tree skirt

Tree skirts can have many advantages, from covering a tree's unsightly 'legs', trunk or stand, to shield your floors and carpets.

Naturally, it draws attention to the lower portion of the tree and helps create a complete, harmonious look. Plus, it is the ideal backdrop for Christmas gifts that are beautifully decorated.

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