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October 18, 2020 5 min read

A wedding car on a couple's special day is more than just a decorative part. While no multitude of embellishments can ever represent the love of a couple, at least a stunning wedding car will make the ceremony more immaculate.

Almost every bridal couple loves a beautifully decorated car as an important part of their special day. Bows in different sizes, small bouquets of real or sola wood flowers, pennant and organza garlands, and splendid floral, there are hundreds of ways to decorate a wedding car. After deciding the right vehicle, the question is how to decorate, and best attach the decorative to the car. You can decorate your wedding car by making fake flower bouquets for wedding and it will be a fun DIY project that you can complete with the help of your friends.

Why should couples decorate their wedding car?

There is no such need to decorate the car for your wedding, of course. But if you've ever seen one drive, you know the upheaval it's causing: people honk their horns, shout their congratulations, or wave off the sidewalk. It's a fun and exciting way to get away from the wedding reception or the ceremony to get there. Plus, for yet another Instagram-worthy photo op, it makes.

Kind of Material to use for Decoration:

This is based on vehicle ownership. If it's a rental, a cleaning charge to the bill, ask the driver about any decoration limitations. If the wedding car belongs to you or a wedding party member, feel free to have a little more fun. Just don't use materials that will harm the end of the car. Whipped cream (sugar-containing substances could ruin the color), spray paint, and electrical and masking tape are included on the avoid-at-all-costs list.

After the wedding, please proceed with caution when it comes to tin cans behind the car. When they are dragged against the pavement, these may ignite, which may be dangerous (or even illegal in your area). The good news is, to make the car stand out, there are plenty of other products you can use.

Ribbons and flowers for decorating the wedding car:

Think simple floral décor, flowers from tissue paper, sola wood flowers, silk flowers, organza ribbon, and burlap bows. It is also a fantastic idea to write with markers made only for cars on the walls. Don't be afraid to get a little intimidated and imaginative with your car decorations for your wedding.

Decorate your car with sola wood blooms and ribbons: 

Brides love flowers, and using floral arrangements for wedding car create a little more fairytale wedding environment for your bride-to-be. A wedding vehicle has to bear many more extreme weather situations as it stands outside your wedding venue for hours. Using real or paper flowers can be a little risky. Real flowers wilt and dry quickly, and paper flowers get also ruined with a light shower.

Sola wood is the flowers that last a long time. They are ideal blooms to decorate wedding car for couples. These flowers are amazingly crafted from the bark of balsa tree wood. The durability, styles, color options, and realistic appearance of wooden blooms make you simply mesmerized. These fake flowers that look real for weddings are also very affordable and can be used in various floral arrangements and wedding favors after the wedding ceremony. 

Car wrapping designs:

Though good old paint can cut the mustard, a more contemporary and unique look is created by going with vinyl decals for car wrap designs. Note that printing is a bit costly, so understanding the fundamental processes of producing vehicle wraps is essential. Wedding car rental services may also take advantage of car wrap designs to make their rental cars stand out.

Tell the world in Unique Way:

"Just Married" signs are also a perfect way to share with the world your excitement. In creative ways, you can do this. Follow bellow decoration ideas for "Just Married":

  • Use a placard lined with flowers called "Just Married."
  • Write the sign through markers or stickers on the car's windshield.
  • Build and lay colorful buntings around the trunk or hood of the vehicle.
  • You can keep all this so simple and elegant by placing it on the car's plate.

Figurines on the car top or bonnet:

Are you too stylish to stick to the simple Decoration of car flowers?

Well, by placing cute and attractive figurines on the car top or bonnet along with other car flower decorations, you can take your wedding car decoration to another level.

Decorate with single bouquet & ribbon:

It is a universal fact that simplicity is beaten by nothing! 

If you are looking for some elegant inspirations for wedding car decoration, then you should certainly consider this single bouquet and ribbon on the bonnet. This stunning but straightforward Decoration is affordable and impressive as well. If you know "how to make a heart shaped wedding bouquet," it is also wonderful to place one at the center of the bonut of your wedding car.

Ribbons and streamers:

White ribbons have been used in the past as decorations for wedding vehicles. Nevertheless, times have changed, and by the day, decorating a wedding car has become more lavish. After you've settled on a paint palette, you can decorate a wedding car with ribbons and streamers.

Place the ribbon on the hood with both ends meeting in the middle of the bumper, creating a 'V' shape. Put a pretty bow or a bouquet on the ends to add a nice, fascinating touch.

Elegant organza:

The wedding car decoration ideas list is merely incomplete without a little organza. This beautiful décor with sola wood roses will make any car stand out from the crowd.

Wedding car decoration for a vintage car:

Rent a retro car, put a pair of lips on the bonnet, some headlight eyelashes, and even a crown if you want to make your wedding car decor look like a lovely princess on the car roof! How unique and fun way it is to get your new bride back to her new home…..

Decoration with word LOVE on the bonnet:

It's a brilliant idea to spell out the word 'LOVE' with the wedding car decoration on the bonnet! You can also add initials with flowers from each of you to this marriage car decoration for adding your twist.

Extravagant floral wedding car decoration

If you enjoy being extra and can't get enough of something, a car covered with flowers entirely is excellent for you. Only tell your florist that you want to fill your wedding car with all sorts of flowers they can take hold of. It is an expensive option, but looks just superb!

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