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July 07, 2020 4 min read

Do you know why we need flowers in our daily lives?

Flowers bring colors and happiness in our lives and the world without any flower would be like a body without a soul. A world with no colors is not a place to live. Flowers refresh our souls and keep us motivated to survive in our hard times. Flowers symbolize love, sacrifice, care, and selflessness for others and for our own selves. 

Having flowers as our daily life companions is something that makes you complete from inside out. These are small wonders that are filled with positive vibes to keep us moving in our life no matter what kind of situations we face.

Is the story same for fake flowers also?

Fake flowers are again in trend, and people often ask the question, ‘’are fake flowers also beneficial similar to real flowers?’’

The answer is yes. Fake flowers have changed a lot and the new transformation of false flowers as ‘’sola wood flowers’’ has changed the meanings of artificial flowers completely. These are the flowers made of wood a natural material so can bio-degrade easily. These flowers are not like traditional faux flowers with too much shine and tacky looks. Sola wood blooms are a gift of nature that is engraved by human hands.

Why people choose sola wood fake flowers?

There are many reasons to choose sola wood flowers instead of real flowers:

  • Sola wood flowers are robust and long-lasting, so you need to invest in wooden flowers for once.
  • They are durably made of wood, so they require very little care in comparison with real flowers that need proper care with sunlight, water, and nutrients (still they don’t last for long).
  • Sola wood flowers are pollen-free, and this quality makes them a perfect option for those who suffer from pollen allergy, asthma, or other allergen issues.
  • Sola wood flowers are very good diffusers and can be used as sophisticated scent diffusers that will scent your home with your favorite fragrance.
  • Real flowers are expensive and still cannot survive for more than a week. In contrast, sola wood flowers are much affordable, and their durability makes them flowers forever.
  • There are many seasonal restrictions for real flowers, and you need to wait for a particular season. Sola wood blooms are available in all seasons for the whole year. 

So! We have so many reasons to choose fake flowers. This is why sola wood flowers are becoming a popular choice not only for home interior, but for weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

Do sola wood flowers look real?

Sola wood flowers look so real and natural that it is hard to believe in their fake identity without touching. But if you still wish to add a little more realistic touch to sola wood flowers than here are few simple tricks to make sola wood flowers look more real:

Invest in good quality sola wood flowers:

Sola wood flowers are indeed affordable, and they have a reasonable price range as compare to original flowers. However, still it is important to invest in good quality sola wood flowers. is an online sola wood flowers shop that provides award-winning sola wood flowers. The quality wooden flowers are so well crafted, and these wooden flowers are available in all colors.

Be clear about the looks of your chosen flower:

You cannot buy a sola wood if you don’t know about the shape of its original version. Consider the original color and correct form of the petals as well as the leaves. Sometimes, even the size also matters.

Arrange sola wood flower just like arranging the real blooms:

Flower-lover, know very well that how to arrange the flowers properly. If not, then there are hundreds of video tutorials available online to help you in styling sola wood flowers to make them look real. You need to take the following steps:

  • To make the flowers look more realistic, try to choose sola flowers in only one color. 
  • It is not very hard to make sola flowers look real when they have the same colors in one vase.
  • Just arrange sola wood flowers orderly in an odd number and use a clear glass to give a stylish design. You can also use DIY ornaments or other smart and unique options to display these flowers more realistically.
  • You can add original greenery and fillers with sola wood flowers to generate a more natural appearance.

Do proper cleaning and protect form hot and humid weather:

Cleaning is the only task you need to perform for sola wood flowers regularly to make them look real and fresh. Sometimes sola wood flowers get deformed also, but it is not a big issue. With the help of plain water, it is easy to reform the original shape of sola wood flowers.

Sola wood flowers are durable but still need a little care. You need to protect these flowers form direct sunlight, humidity, and extremely hot weather.

Make sola wood flowers substitute for a real flower:

Real flowers are affordable when buying in minimum quantity. Still, if you are planning to purchase hundreds of pieces for a wedding event or any other occasion, then it may costs you a lot. But sola wood flowers offer you a perfect solution for this problem too. You can buy only a few original flowers if you want and buy the sola wood fake ones for the rests. With this trick, real flowers will give the same effect with the fake ones. Just make it sure to buy wooden blooms from a reputed store to get good quality artificial flowers as a substitute for those real flowers.


It actually does not matter that you are using fake flowers or real ones. What matters most is the way to make fake sola wood flowers look like real flowers. By following these simple tricks for sure, your artificial flowers will never go out of the season. 

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