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December 04, 2019 3 min read

How to Make Your Perfect Wedding Guest List?

Once you pick a perfect venue for your wedding, it is time to start inviting guests. If you think that choosing wedding decorations, such as romantic candles or sola wood flowers, is a hard task, you might have a difficult time making a perfect wedding guest list that would suit both your and your loved one's families. However, here are some tips and suggestions on how to make this stressful process much easier!

Think About Your Wedding Venue

Do not even consider an idea to invite more people than your wedding venue could fit. The wedding planning is a stressful job already, so you don't want to complicate it even more. Of course, some people will RSVP back negative, but why take the risk? That said, you can expect around 20 percent of guests to decline the invitation. Of course, these are just rough estimates that can change depending on who you invite to the wedding. After all, your brother, who lives next door, is more likely to show up than your long-forgotten friend from childhood.

Do You Want an Adult-Only Wedding?

To some people, it is hard to entertain the thought of having dozens of children running around the wedding venue, destroying flowers and other wedding decorations. We are not saying that it is not great to have children at your wedding – we are just saying that some weddings are not suited for younger participants. However, if you choose to make an adults-only wedding, you must be absolutely clear about it in your invitations. Most people will understand and respect your decision.

How Many People Should Each Family Invite?

Traditionally, the bride's parents pay for the wedding, so they also get the upper hand in deciding who to invite first. However, these days, it is getting more popular to split the bill, making it a difficult task to decide how many people should each family invite. Logically, you would want each family to have an equal number of guests. If that works for everyone, just stick with it.

Making Two Lists

There is a great chance that you will want to invite more people than you can afford. In this unfortunate case, you have to make a cut. We know that it is not cool to rate your loved ones. We also know that your mother is definitely more important to the wedding than your classmate who is living in another state. Once you accept this fact, you can start dividing guests into two lists – A and B. The A list consists of people who must be invited to the wedding, while the B list serves as a waiting list. Once you start getting negative RSVPs back from the A list guests, you can start filling their spots with people from the B list.

Don't Feel Guilty

It is your wedding, so you should think about yourself and your loved one first! If both of you want a small wedding with only the closest people by your side – do it. If you are feeling like celebrating surrounded by hundreds of people – do it. If you want to save money by buying cheap wedding flowers – there is nothing wrong with that. If you want a fancy sola wood wedding bouquet at your wedding – that is also fine.

You should just remember one thing – no one should ever get mad or hurt if you don't invite them to your wedding, so don't base your decisions on guilt, and make a wedding guest list filled with names that you want to share your most spectacular day with!

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