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January 15, 2020 2 min read

After your engagement, what do you care about most? You will have to consider more things for your wedding. Besides wedding dresses you want to wear on your wedding day, buying sola wood wedding flowers for the decoration, picking your wedding date is the most important issue. Girls would remember every detail about the love stories with their lovers. They could keep them for a very long period even the whole life. And the wedding date is the day for the couples to recall always. It seems that the wedding date is easy to pick, but beneath the surface, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration.

Symbolism for your love

A wedding is the most important event for brides and grooms. So it needs to be related to something meaningful issues in their common as a symbol. For example, people would choose the day they first met, or the day they first kiss and any other meaningful days.

The proper time for the guests

Choose the proper time for yourself is not very important, but it is also important to consider your guests’ time. If you pick your wedding date on weekdays, there would be so many people who cannot come to your wedding because of their work. And if you choose a date that is a popular date, you need to consider if some of your relatives or friends have to attend other weddings. I think you do not want your wedding to be lonely, so think about your guests’ time also when figuring out your wedding date.

Proper seasons

If your wedding event is planned outside then you'll need to season conscious. I think you do not want to choose a date and only to find that it was raining outside on the big day. Also, different seasons offer you different feelings.
Spring is filled with wind and rain, but it has beautiful flowers and everything turns out to be lovely. Summer is hot, but you could have your wonderful wedding on the beach with the elegant airy chiffon wedding dress. Autumn is a good choice for a wedding, especially in September and November. Winter with snow is a very romantic day for a wedding.

Wedding dress style

If you decide to wear a strapless wedding dress on your big day, you need to avoid winter as your wedding date. If you want to wear long sleeves and thick fabrics wedding dress, you need to avoid summer for your wedding date.

Wedding budget

It is also important to consider your wedding budget while choosing your big day. For some popular months and weekends, the wedding would cost you much. So if you do not have a big budget, you can avoid the popular wedding periods. By doing so, you could save a lot of money.

When thinking about the details you need to consider for your wedding date, you could discuss them with your lovers, parents, and best friends since one brain is not enough. Sometimes the date seems perfect but maybe changes for some issues you ignored. So just consider other opinions before you finally determine your wedding date.

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