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September 04, 2020 4 min read

Quick tips to help you!

Managing an event like a wedding, a bridal shower, birthday party, or a corporate meeting or getting together is not an easy job. To make it a perfect and unforgettable occasion, lots of planning, hard work, and determination are required.

It is so much you need to manage on time and in a proper way without being overwhelmed and confused. Luckily, you are not alone, and in this blog, you can get a few quick tips to manage everything in a better and easy way.

Taking on such a vast responsibility should not have to be put on your shoulders without a little help along the way. Here is a list of some essential points to follow while crossing off some things on your checklist!

1.    Decide and set your goals first!

Planning is the very first step you have to take before doing anything. First, decide the purpose of the event or why you are going to organize this? The next step is to make the decision that is going to attend it.

Don't start creating a cohesive guest list, but decide to invite people depending on what kind of event you are planning. It is also good to get a general idea of who to ask. Start writing down your go-to people's names like when you are planning a wedding; most definitely family and close friends will be on your guest list. While for a business to get together or a corporate event, people from the related business community and corporate sectors will be invited.

2.    Start planning things earlier!

Never think you have a lot of time to manage everything. You might think you have enough time to make proper arrangements and organizing a successful event. Still, many times given heads-up months and months before the event is not enough.

Event planning is a serious business, and there is so much to make things execute according to plan. The best option to plan any event starts mapping things out as soon as possible. Managing most of the items before time helps you be more confident and relaxed with the better able to deal with some unexpected situations.

3.    Budget is the key factor in management!

All your paper plans and ideas will remain in your mind unless you have enough budgets to make things practically happen. This is where you need to make the spreadsheet your best friend. You have to decide all the dimensions where you have to spend your budget.

All these departments include the venue, catering, and bar, entertainment/guest speakers, decorations, photography, etc. Write all the details of your expenses in o spreadsheet by making different columns for:

  • What do you need to spend?
  • How much you have in your budget to spend?
  • What are your expectations for "budget expense"?
  • What is the actual expense of what you are spending on?
  • Choose a venue that suits your needs and budget!

Choosing an appropriate venue within budget is what people deem the most stressful part of the planning process. First, make a list of all possible venues that may suit your planning best and then narrow down your choices according to the following vital points:

  • Is the venue fit for the expected number of guests attending?
  • Does the venue come equipped with seating and other essentials required for an event?
  • What about catering options and bar facilities available with a venue?
  • Does the venue come with helpful staff members or not?
  • Does the platform have Wi-Fi?                                                   

When you can answer some of these questions, this will help narrow down your choices. After deciding on one, it's important to occasionally check on the venue before the event to ensure everything is according to the plan.

4.    The decoration is the soul of an event!

Indeed it is the fun part of event management – deciding on a theme! For planning a wedding, bridal shower, or a funfair, this is where you can get more creative. But if you are planning a corporate event, try to keep things more professional. Whatever you choose, always try to set the right atmosphere for your guests.

And of course, building the right atmosphere means picking out the right décor to match! Flowers can set the perfect atmosphere most appropriately. Floral decorations set the vibes for an event. It is good to have real flowers for decoration. Still, nowadays sola wood flowers are replacing original blooms because of their outstanding features.

Sola wood flowers are affordable, durable, and long-lasting. These flowers are beautifully crafted with hands and have astonishing resemblance with real flowers. You cannot identify between the real and wooden blooms unless you touch these flowers. Sola wood flowers are becoming popular every coming day because of their outstanding features and countless color options.

5.    Catering is the most important part of event planning!

Catering is the most important part of event planning's to satisfy your hungry guests. After all, no one wants to sit through an event on an empty stomach!

Always choose the menu keeping all your guests in mind. Never go for meat items only and also care about vegetarian guests. Try ordering locally to make sure that food comes to you fresh. Plus, there's less chance of delays if the catering service is close to the venue! Be sure to get a written confirmation of the order.

6.    Be ready for unexpected situations!

Sometimes, no matter how meticulously you plan these events, there could be some chances of last-minute emergencies. This all can be overwhelming, especially when you worked hard and tried to give your best.

These issues do come up as a part of an unexpected side of life. Still, there is no need to panic when this kind of problem comes up. Try to be prepared for emergency situations ahead of time. Create a list of back-up to deal with unexpected situations.


This is all you need to manage. Just by following these helpful tips to plan a big event, you become closer to be an efficient and successful event planner. Whether you have organized a whimsical outdoor wedding or a professional corporate event, sola wood flowers by woodflowers.com is your perfect companion to provide you with beautifully designed and stunningly crafted sola wood floral centerpieces, bouquets, and other floral arrangements.

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