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April 06, 2021 4 min read

The ambience, the warm atmosphere, the sense of romance, and the fact that the whole party and all the wedding décor is safe and shielded from the weather are all reasons why brides, grooms, and wedding planners enjoy tented weddings. However, erecting a wedding arrangement is not the same as erecting the shelter you and your fiancé use while camping. It takes a lot of time and commitment, as well as a lot of planning and preparation. Before settling on a tented wedding, several considerations must be weighed.

Tent weddings allow you to host your loved ones at a unique location, the chance to customize the event design with ease, and the ambience can be both thrilling and inspiring. Flowers ensure your tent wedding is more beautiful than the typical tent event.

Here are few excellent tips for designing a stunning tent wedding. 

·       Innovatively decide your wedding flowers:

Tent wedding flowers play an essential part in the look of your big day venue. You have to pay interest in all the details regarding sun, wind and heat factors affecting your floral arrangements and what you can a florist's do about it. It is wise to invest in sola wood flowers for a tent wedding because of so many reasons. Wood flowers are long-lasting blooms that can easily adjust to the intended environment and tolerate environmental factors like heat, wind, and rain than natural blooms.

They are accessible to dye property allow you to choose any absolute or glamorous color theme for your tent wedding. Additionally, there is no need to worry about price and wedding budget while selecting expensive flowers for your wedding. Wood flowers are ideal mimics of real blooms that provide you perfect substitutes for some really expensive blooms in the most affordable price range.

·       Manage your tent floor plan:

One of the great things about a tent wedding is that you are not bound by any structural walls or felt obliged to obey any set of laws. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want!

Select a mix of long banquet tables and round tables and let the magic happen. If you want the head table to be smack dab in the centre of the floor plan, just do it. Indeed it will look fabulous. Choose what you want to be the tent's focal point and build the floor around it.

·       Lighting makes a big difference:

Enlist the assistance of a fantastic lighting crew. Tent weddings are often performed outside of the city, where the weather is both excellent and dark throughout the evening. If you want bistro string lighting, classic chandeliers, or a series of textured basket lanterns, overhead lighting significantly affects the overall ambience. Of course, you cannot underestimate candlelight's influence, which can be seen burning low to the table all night. Fairy lights also sizzle up the overall mood inside the wedding tent and create whimsical wedding vibes. Use draped fabric ceiling with romantic lights and use floral or crystal chandeliers to create royal looks.

·       Incorporate tall arrangements:

Guests can see the tall arrangements on both sides of the marquee, and they look absolutely stunning in photos. In such an open space, they have a big influence. Simply elevating flower patterns make them seem decadent, lavish, and pricey!

·       The grand entrance makes a statement:

Have a well-designed focal point and add value to the visitors' experience by investing in a grand entrance. Tents are typically wide, and with the side panels open, visitors may come in from all directions. This isn't always a negative thing, but because traffic can feel a little aimless, establishing a focal point can make a big difference in the visitors' experience. Use this chance to build a beautiful tent entrance that also serves a purpose. This entrance is ideal for greeting visitors, directing them to their tables, and contributing to the overall event design. ⁠You can use large sola wood flower installation or oversized floral urns flanking the entry, an expertly crafted seating map or escort card display, or a champagne-filled welcome table are all examples of this.

Sola wood flowers are durable, so your wedding planner can easily use these blooms in creating a complicated floral entrance with vibrant sola wood flowers and balanced foliage incorporating with blooms. Sola wood flowers have no pollens issue also, so you can say welcome to all of your wedding guests without any tension of pollen allergy or sneezing issues.

·       Color palette sets the theme:

Tent weddings are usually synonymous with a lot of green (grass) and a lot of white (tent walls). This makes planning a classic white and green wedding a breeze, but if you're going in a new paint scheme, you'll have to try extra hard to make your palette stand out!

Wood flowers help your wedding planner come out of this issue impressively with their countless color options. Wedding flowers and table linens are the two most straightforward and most favorite ways to put a color palette to life. Simply because of the vast amount of visual real estate that table linens take up, upgrading to colorful table linens makes a huge difference. Choose a foundational color for your palette so that you can use other accents, such as your floral centerpieces, to make the rest of the palette sing.

·       Add more efforts to select wedding rentals:

This is an essential factor actually to create a difference. Update your wedding rentals wisely!

Caterers frequently have a very simple selection of bowls, cups, and cutlery, but this is BASIC that is not at all appealing. Try to use colored glassware, stacked dishware, sleek metallic flatware, and a patterned napkin all make a big difference in your wedding's overall look. Don't forget about the chairs — while the standard white folding resin chairs sold by most tent manufacturers are perfect. They don't exactly match any aesthetic. You can decorate simple white chairs with ribbons and wood flowers to create an intimate look of exchanging vows.

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