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November 01, 2020 4 min read

People all over the world try to add beauty to their homes. They always look forward to the things which make them feel good. Flowers are one of those articles which people like to use to get things better for themselves as well as for their homes. Nowadays, the interest is more shifted towards handmade sola wood flowers. These flowers are made from tapioca wood which has some amazing qualities like it is biodegradable if buried and lives for years if the form of the flower is kept adequately.

There are so many makers of sola wood flowers in the market. People earn huge revenue every year by selling out these sola wood flowers. art lovers buy them on so many occasions. These flowers are not simply sold as alone, but they are incorporated with greenery and fillers by the florists to offer them a natural and far more attractive look. Also, the use of filler and greenery in the bouquets and flower sets reduces the overall cost of sola wood flower. Therefore, everyone would be able to afford it. Today, nearly every professional florist adds greenery and fillers to keep sufficient control over the price.

Ranging from the wreaths to the table centerpieces, or even the bridal bouquet, fillers and greenery play a very important role to make sure you get the best form of the sola wood flower art.

Tips for the perfect use of filler and greenery

Filler and greenery are now considered the most important part of sola wood flower making. People today even demand them in the decoration or bouquet or anything they want to try for sola wood flowers. here, we are going to discuss some of the most amazing tips to be sure that you perfectly use them in your hand made flower projects.

  1. Work and prepare your flowers and fillers

One of the most significant steps in the arrangement of the flower is to prepare everything. Apart from stemming your wood flowers, be very sure that you have gathered all your tools on your work table. If you have bunched up the fillers, separate them before you start so that you can directly pick them up for usage, and build your arrangement easily. Here, you can use any number of fillers as per your need and the size of the arrangement you are planning.

  1. Using a preserved form of silver dollar filler of eucalyptus

This is very significant for bouquets which are hand-tied and you are holding the complete bouquet in one of your hands while the other is free to get the flowers as well as the fillers. This is needed to add everything properly and well arranged on your flower work.

  1. Try to fill as you proceed

Try to check your arrangement from time to time. Try to look for holes or voids as you proceed. Something great for practicing for greenery and filler is Biedermeier bouquets. initiate with the few numbers of your wood flowers to make the base of your bouquet. Further, line it with the blooms of the aster or even the baby's breath. Try an alternating pattern of your main flower as well as filler to make a concentric circle.

  1. Sola flower bouquet in white color

One of another nice bouquet for practicing the filler is posy. You can add a collar of the leatherleaf firm to focus on the vibrant colors of your flower in the bouquet.

  1. A long way goes for a little

Springs and florets, you are trying to add are not merely for the look and show. They are very carefully selected to beautify the flowers and incorporate further beauty. Whereas, it is the most perfect way to just have one or maybe two types of fillers in every project you are doing. You don’t want to overburden your bigger flowers by setting them with so many in between them.

If you are trying to compose a round shape of the bouquet, try to put smaller flowers surrounding the perimeter to include fullness into your bouquet. Presentation and hand-tied form of bouquets can use a certain height from the bunny tails or the pampas grass. These types of fillers act astonishingly to offer texture, dimension, and height to the creation. They make your arrangements of the flowers look perfect without spending excessively.

  1. Pick up your bouquet’s greenery

Greens are the gamechanger of the whole art. This is because they offer amazing shapes, texture, and also hide an ugly pot where you put your bouquet. Large green which looks like a feather fern adds a perfect shape and body to your floral arrangement. Centerpieces for the table look perfect with the leaves being glossy and leaves of lemon and myrtle. Whereas, the bouquets and comparatively smaller arrangements are good to go with thinner and smaller leaves.

  1. Choose colors and flower size smartly

The safe choice comes under the name of white filler flowers. they can work with the complete range of flower colors. Still, you can try to have light-colored hues as well.

  1. Try to experiment with a variety of other material

You are not confined to use only leaves and flowers as fillers. You can do experiments while using various cotton bush, beads, pearls, twigs, or even feathers and assemble them with your flowers to get a customized arrangement


You can also get any of the types of a bouquet from online floral shops. This is time-saving as well as cost-effective for you. Still, you can try to learn these flowers making by simply following the videos, DIY steps, and tutorials available. The basic idea behind the art lies under the fact that you can try any sort of innovation in this. it does not matter how you want to create your bouquet or for what purpose you are looking for it. If you want to try something new with this, greenery and fillers are the greatest options to do so. End of the day, people would love your work and appreciate this unique art from your grounds.

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