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November 17, 2020 4 min read

Sola wood flowers are all set to mesmerize everyone because of its breathtaking spark in their existence. These handcrafted sola wood flowers are extremely helpful for those people who want to see change around them. People all over the world like to have these customized flowers. and use them in every type of decoration. When it's about getting sola wood flowers, there are so many ways in which people are using them in their daily life. They are very useful when it's about home decoration and also to offer these handmade flowers like a piece of gift to their loved ones.

The increased hype of the sola wood flower does not settle here only. Recently, the markets are flooded with the increased demand for sola wood flower bridal bouquet. Nearly all the seasonal brides try to have them for their big day. hence, if you are planning to get married soon, you simply should not miss sola wood flowers as the bridal bouquet for your big day. furthermore, this is not only the case. People also want to have these bouquets for other eves.

End of the day, being an enthusiastic lover of flowers, you would surely like to know about other ideas to try with sola wood flowers, especially for wedding days. Here, we are going to share so many different ideas to go for on your big day. Trust us, you will surely prefer to use them and enjoy their graceful look for your big day.

Source of sola wood flower

As you might have realized the significance of sola wood flowers, you must be wondering about their source and how they are made. So basically, sola wood flowers are made through tapioca wood and this plant is grown throughout the world on large scale. Before the initiation of this art project, the wood undergoes series of steps. They are as under:

  1. The bark is scraped off
  2. Long sheets are separated from the smaller ones
  3. These sheets are treated with different insecticides and other chemicals for preservation in order to get its long-term usage
  4. Later on, these sheets are pressed under the rollers to further produce longer ones
  5. Now, they are cut into uniform pieces and piled aside
  6. Craftsperson get these sheets and pick them as per their desired texture
  7. They further smooth it by the use of sandpaper
  8. Furthermore, they initiate to create its shavings for transforming them into beautiful attractive flowers

Huge business through sola wood flowers

For many years, the craftsperson is trying to do huge business by selling sola wood flowers. especially, for the events like new year party of the wedding eve, people try to get so many flowers for decoration. Even, without season, people order sola wood flowers to offer them as a gift. Hence, this has turned a huge business for the craftsperson, and every year, they generate huge revenue through their artistic approach.

The eye-catching beauty of sola wood flowers

Sola wood flowers have so much to amaze its buyers. These handmade flowers are highly useful for those who want to see the beauty around them. Not only for the wedding day, but people also like to use sola wood flowers in their homes such as wall hanging, centerpieces, or even backdrops. Above all, they are so handy to keep and easy to make that person use them for glorifying their homes.

Nowadays, sola wood flowers are being widely employed in weddings. People also look around for new ideas to go for. Here, we are highlighting the most attractive ideas to try for sola wood flowers.

What can you create from sola wood flowers on your big day?

People get worried about their big days. This is mainly because they want to glorify their big day without any hustle. Hence, they try to look for ideas.

  • A perfect isle decoration is a key to a successful wedding day

You might have seen in the movies that how the whole crowd pays attention and the spotlight fall over the look when a bride tends to walk down the aisle. People focus on every minor detailing. Therefore, this is an amazing opportunity to decorate the aisle with sola wood flowers. this, you can match with your theme and have multiple styles of your choice. a classical look of sola wood flower with the addition of blooming lights can offer an amazing look to the overall setup. Also, by doing this, you can get amazing pictures of your big day celebration.

  • Sola wood flower bridal bouquet is something you can’t drop

If you want to have amazing pictures and make the whole crowd amaze at your beautiful look, just don’t miss out on the addition of a sola wood flower bridal bouquet to your big day. this will surely offer a classical touch to your whole look. What else a bride can look for? of course that something enough.

  • A bridal tiara designed with tapioca wood flowers

How amazing it would be to design a crown or tiara for the bride to recreate a complete princess look. This is what every bride wants to showcase on their big day. Moreover, you will surely enjoy the whole atmosphere.

  • A perfect photography needs a sola wood flower backdrop

As a bride, we know that you would like to get some most memorable and classy pictures of your wedding day. This could be truly enticing if you get a backdrop designed with sola wood flowers on your big day. Even, your guests would love the whole idea and will cherish you for sure, if you get it on your big day.

Cutting the long story short

Sola wood flowers are truly amazing in every way. Especially when this is about your big day celebrations, you simply can't miss out on the use of sola wood flowers. trust us, this is something worth trying and after the years of your wedding day, you will going to idealize everything that you tried for your big day.

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