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October 09, 2020 4 min read

The long-awaited walk down the aisle is one of the most unique aspects of any wedding. This moment signals the beginning of the celebration and is one that for years to come will be captured and remembered. By adding wedding aisle decorations to lead you down the aisle, you can make your walk even more special.

It is so easy as making a hanging arrangement for the chairs with herbs for a subtle scent or filling a paper cone with petals. It can also be confetti for a practical way to share the exit toss materials when it comes to adding wedding aisle decor to your ceremony setup.

You can follow the ideas given below of the aisle arrangements, which will certainly encourage you. Whether you are having winter wedding event flowers or looking for outdoor wedding ideas to go with your summer bouquet just follows these tips for a whimsical impact.

·       Floral Inspired Aisles

Using your flower color palette in all the activities is an easy way to create a seamless feel for your wedding. Keep the same color scheme, from your flower wall at the rehearsal dinner to your wedding aisle decorations. Fortunately, there are many distinctive ways to integrate them into the walkway, no matter your flower preference.

·       Decorate the entrance

Instead of decorating the entire aisle, only the entrance should be displayed with flowers like white delphinium arrangements, blush flowers, and candles in gold wedding lanterns. "To make a statement, dress up at the beginning of your aisle: this will help give your guests a bit of the wow factor as they head to sit down,"

·       Wedding chair decorations

Hanging décor on the aisle seats is one of the most common ways to add wedding aisle decorations to your entrance. They look more elegant and add a well-rounded feel to the room when the centre seats are decorated with flowers or pictures. Try using only greenery and filler flowers as wedding chair decor if you want to make a subtle comment.

·       Multiple design elements

Don't you just want to limit yourself to an aisle runner or a petal liner? Only try using them. Using a high-gloss white floor aisle with white flower petals along the sides to soften the look and add a romantic feel, this style is all about luxury. To top it off, statement floral can be set at the entrance to the aisle in glass vases of varying heights.

·       Wedding aisle lights

A good way of creating a warm and caring environment is to add lights to your aisle. For winter weddings or venues which are inherently darker, this is a great option. Consider adding candles for some magical mood lighting to your walkway or hanging lights from a tree above.

·       Glass flower vases

Glass vases of red, white, and pink flowers line the ceremony aisle in this style. With indoor ceremonies, glass elements work especially well: the main light source can reflect most dazzlingly. After the wedding, the vases make it super simple to carry over to the reception, and they can act as party favors for the guests.

·       Just focus on chairs.

In fact, an aisle with zero decors can be beautiful, particularly when surrounded by elevated rental chairs and a chuppah filled with flowers. Let the venue speak for itself and go decor-less when the place is particularly breathtaking. "You could be in the mountains, or up on a hill, or somewhere crazy epic where you don't need a backdrop installation,". You don't need anything when nature just smacks you with its redness in the face.

·       Wedding arbor decorations

When it comes to wedding decor, marriage arbors are a common option. Placing the arbor at the entrance will create lovely access for the guests and bride while placing it above the wedding altar will create enchanting pictures of the wedding. Either way, there are many combinations from which to choose from wedding arbors.

·       Lighten up with candles

For any footpath, candles are an elegant and inexpensive accent. For a dramatic look, use different sized pillar candles and plush floral arrangements. For a tidy, sleek show, place floating candles in small cylinder vases. Raise candles on top of wood slices or logs for an outdoor wedding and embellish them with moss.

·       Wrap trees with flowers

In your aisle décor, play up the height. The bride produced her very own ceremony setting at this wedding destination in Capri, complete with flower-wrapped trees and a rug-lined aisle. Using sola wood flowers for wrapping trees with flowers is an affordable option that allows you to be more lavish with your wedding flower use.

·       Capture attention by using lanterns

Lanterns bring light and interest to your aisle, like candles. Dress up with burlap and lace your mismatched lanterns, then place them for a shabby-chic or rustic marriage along your aisle. Hang them simply from stanchions and fill them with roses, or line your beach wedding aisle for a pleasant evening with wooden lanterns, shells, and colorful candles.

·       Write something eye-catching

Writing something important on an aisle runner, add a personal touch to your wedding. This simple detail is one that your guests will love just as much as you do, whether you want to embellish and decorate your runner with a broad monogram, a favorite piece of literature or scripture or a simple quote that is important to you,

·       Woodsy wedding aisle

With plenty of sedums, lush greenery, and verbena, the woodsy wedding aisle can be grown. The larger-scale potted plants often perform well when positioned just at the beginning of the aisle. It is great for a simple aisle declaration on the cheque book.

·       Creative uniqueness with petals

Rose petals are easily used in your event as a classic, romantic decoration. Bring a modern twist to your aisle by making in your color scheme a pattern or monogram with petals. Another way to create a subtle but beautiful aisle is the ombre flowers and petals. To add a lively accent to your location, use fall leaves, flower heads, cloth, or feathers.

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