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June 13, 2020 2 min read

As the groom's father, you will not have to give a speech if you don't want to. However, it is a nice gesture to publicly say a few words about your son and his new family. Not only that shows the strong bond between you and your son, but it can also become a very entertaining part of the wedding. After all, who doesn't like to hear a father giving an emotional (and most likely funny) speech? Also, if you are paying for the wedding (or at least a part of it) and all sola wood wedding flowers, venues, and cakes, you might want to say a few words as a co-host.

Talk About Your Son

Nothing can cheer the guests more than old stories about how the groom fell from his bicycle or got turned down by the girl next door.  These stories can show how much the groom grew as a man. Also, they are most likely funny, especially if told from the perspective of the father. Some classic jokes like "Who could have thought that you would be sitting next to such a beautiful and smart girl when you were still single by the age of 18?" might do well. Of course, you know your son better, so don't push too hard if you know that he wouldn't take those jokes lightly. And make sure not to include too many stories and keep it short. People don't want all the details about what was the weather 20 years ago, so stick to the highlights.

Thank the Organizers

You want to thank everyone who was a part of organizing the wedding. From the florist who shaped sola wood roses to the wedding organizer who put everything into places, each and every person deserves your appreciation. If you paid for the wedding, you could joke around and say something like: "Now I see why those sola wood wedding bouquets cost so much, but they are worth it."

Talk About Family Values

As a father, you will always remain a role model for your son. So, make sure to talk a little bit about family values and remind your son how you cherished your family. You want to be an example to the new couple, so give them a few words of wisdom before you end your speech.

Compliment the Bride

Most of your speech will be focused on the groom as he is your son. However, don't forget to compliment the bride and let her know that she is accepted into the family. Tell her that she has a wonderful style for sola wood wedding flowers and wedding dresses, remind her how much everyone on the groom's family loves her, and make sure that she knows that you will have her back no matter what. Of course, also give her some tips on how to deal with the groom when he doesn't want to do something.

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