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December 08, 2020 4 min read

The first Mother's Day of a new mom needs to be celebrated in an additional unique way. Perhaps the most unforgettable Mother's Day for a woman of all is her very first, the year that she finally becomes a mother.

From milestones like the first smile and wobbly steps to the bonding and cuddles in between, the first year of motherhood is full of many unique moments. But it's incredibly hard work as well. New moms are on hand to take care of the baby around the clock while still struggling with the constant struggle of sleepless nights, wet nappies, and a laundry basket overflowing.

Her first Mother's Day needs to be celebrated, and you can make it an occasion that will be remembered for all the right reasons with a little preparation. So, if you need some inspiration, read on to discover our first thoughtful gift ideas for new mums for Mother's Day.

The first Mother's Day gift is a major one for a new mom. You may not be able to give her a full night's sleep, but whatever comes close to giving her a break is something she will really cherish. After all, she will appreciate any gift that shows her your reorganization and appreciation for all the hard work she puts in.

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Although you see and admire everything she does, it can be challenging to find a moment to tell your wife how you feel, which is why making her first Mother's Day a memorable one is so important. After all, she has taken on a whole new persona, Mum, and it's a milestone worthy of the greatest gift for the first Mother's Day.

You might be tempted to pick up a book, CD, perfume, or other things on her wish list if you're stuck with ideas. And though she's sure to appreciate it, it will build a lasting memory to put some consideration into a gift that has real value and show her how incredible you think she is:

·       First Mother's Day gifts from baby

An adorable way to celebrate Mom's very first Mother's Day is to wrap up a sentimental gift from the baby. Let the little angel's cuteness and sweetness inspire you to buy some cute baby gifts for the first Mother's Day.

·       Treat her to flowers, bubbles, and a day Off

Do you think mom would enjoy celebrating her first Mother's Day on a peaceful day at home? Be sure to add some thoughtful touches to make it extra special. Start the day with a surprise delivery of her favorite flowers and champagne.

Making this flower gift everlasting and memorable try to give her a bouquet made of sola wood flowers. A bouquet that will be not wilting, drying, or dying with evergreen flowers is really her heart throbbing gift. If your budget allows, a luxurious arrangement can't go wrong. Then, take over baby duties for the day and give mum some time to relax and refresh by making her a nice home-cooked dinner before topping it off.

·       A memorable first Mother's Day brunch

It is an Aussie tradition to enjoy a leisurely Mother's Day brunch, so be sure to make her first one extra sweet. You could still opt to cook up a storm at home for a lovely brunch without the crowds. As you prepare a list of her favorite foods, get Mum to put her feet up. Put some thought into how the table will be arranged, too. Set the perfect tone, use your best dinnerware and cutlery, and don't forget to add a sola wood floral centerpiece.

·       Window flowers

Gift her windowsill planters or hanging flower pots to put outside her window, prefilled with flowers in her favorite color or aromatic herbs she can use in her cooking, make an unexpected spin on the traditional bouquet.

·       A personalized shirt for her

Being more realistic and practical, we know a new mother will spend most of her time at home this year. So it will be fantastic to gift her comfortable and cozy tee for daily wear. You can customize your gift by printing their baby's name with the date of birth on it. You can also choose a beautiful, inspirational, or funny quote related to the mom-baby relationship on it.

·       Pearl and pink sola wood flower bouquet

It's always hard to go wrong with flowers, and with sola wood flowers, it's even the hardest. Create a beautiful handmade pearl and pink wood flower bouquet with white, pink, and peach ranunculus to bring a pop of colors that will brighten up her so many days. With the fabulous real looking appearance of wooden blooms with fantastic color options, flower sizes, and affordability, this gift is going to be her favorite for the whole year.

·       Aromatherapy diffuser

The new mum is more likely to spend more time at home with her newborn; she will need to enrich her pad's atmosphere with a diffuser. An aromatherapy diffuser is also a useful and beneficial kind of gift for her.

·       Keepsake box with a customized touch

Having the first baby means tons of precious moments that can cherish mum for the rest of her life. A mother always wants to remember them all. You can gift her beautiful wooden keepsake box with a customized touch of her and baby's names carved on it. This personalized keepsake box allows her to store her most beautiful, precious, and treasured items, from tiny socks, first toy, and bows to sentimental jewelry. 


All these gift options are small but sweet gestures from your side to a new mum on her first Mother's Day. This is the time to make her feel more pampered for everything she has done and going to do for her little angel for a long time.

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