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November 04, 2020 4 min read

Since the very beginning, man has always craved beauty. He has tried every possible way to surround himself with the most beautiful articles. As humanity turned towards civilization, people started using various methods to beautify their homes. For this, the most used material was planted specifically the flowers. Still, there was a doubt left because real flowers die soon after they are plucked off. This quench for beauty inspired them to make hand made flowers. this was done by using the tapioca wood. These flowers were named sola wood flowers.

Sola wood flower- an inspiration for home décor

No doubt, sola wood flower décor is the most amazing way to enlighten your events. Recently, people try to incorporate sola wood flowers for the decoration of their homes. Further, they are very easy to make. Once you start practicing it, you will be quick in making it as well as efficient to recreate various ideas from this. these flowers are super attractive and far better than those natural flowers in every way. even you can add your desired fragrance to the flowers. Isn't it amazing? Yes, Of course.

In-home, there are so many ways you can try to set a sola wood flower. you can create centerpieces or hang them for the welcome. Even people try to put these in their living room because they smell really bad when volatile oils are added to them. Hence, there are so many ways in which sola wood flowers can be used at home. Here, we will highlight some of the most enticing ideas to you that will surely inspire you to create them and try to have them in your daily life.

Inspiring ideas from sola wood flower

There are so many ways which you can try with wood flowers. a wide range of creative ideas is available for your attention and little effort. once, you start paying attention to it, you will realize that they are adorable in every way and you are all set to make them by yourself. This will help you to decorate your home or even some kind of event as well.

  1. Wood flower centerpieces

Centerpieces of sola wood flowers are amazing in keeping at your place. You can have them at your home. Furthermore, if you are planning an event, you can get the beautiful sola wood flower centerpieces by yourself. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, for sure. Also, you can try a variety of colors and shapes of these. No matter whatever you try, trust us, they are always simple and handy to make and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on this.

  1. Make backdrop with sola wood flowers

Why don’t you try to make a sola wood flower backdrop for some event or even for your home? This is an incredible idea and your guests would love to take pictures with it. This amazing idea will be highly appreciated by everyone around you.

  1. Sola wood flower can be transformed into beautiful wall hangings

If you are an art lover, you must know the worth of decorating home with wall hanging. This is something that most of the artists try to do. This time try something new with it. Customize your wall hanging by adding sola wood flowers of various shapes and sizes to a simple wooden wall hanging article. This will truly give an esthetic look and everyone around you will cherish this idea.

  1. Fragrances for closed spaces

As we have discussed earlier that sola wood flowers can carry fragrances in them. So, why don’t you try to have them for closed halls and narrow areas? This is an amazing option for offices as well, especially for the waiting area or conference hall. You can try any of the soothing smell of your choice. What else one can expect from a flower? of course, it's pretty much.

  1. Sola wood flower rings

Have you ever wondered to have rings exactly matching the color you are wearing? Yes, this is possible now. You can create beautiful rings and adding mini sola wood flowers on it to give a classy and elegant look. This is something which you can market as well because people are ready to pay huge bucks for such artistic pieces.

  1. Bracelets and anklets chained with sola wood flowers

You might have heard that arts have no boundaries and hence, here is the same case. You can try to avail beautiful bracelets and anklets which are chained with sola wood flowers. These are favorite for all the young girls and they inspire their friends as well for this art. After all, it's always amazing to wear you and made jewelry.

  1. Sola wood flower earrings

Mini-sized tops or earrings having sola wood flowers are perfect to grab the attention in-crowd. Even you can get the orders from your circle if you inspire them with your artistic skills. Above all, sola wood flower earrings are very delicate and look neat and tidy with all the dresses. Therefore, you can add them to your daily wear jewelry box.

  1. Sola wood flower bouquet

Nowadays, the sola wood flower bouquet is preferred over the natural flower bouquet. This is because they are not only eco-friendly but even, they last forever if kept rightly. Further, nothing can beat the beauty of these handmade bouquet. Therefore, people not only use them on their special days like the wedding day but also offer as a gift when they don’t want to spend a lot. This is something worth trying.

Summarizing up

Inspiration comes in all shapes. You can grab attention in public by a simple jewel or get an appreciation for home décor by a casual showcasing of a hand made flower. no matter what you try or how you have your resources, at the end of the day, it's about being artistic beyond the boundaries, and sola wood flower is a true example of this grace and class which reflects in your personality.

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