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June 29, 2020 4 min read

A wedding is arguably the beginning of a new chapter in life where the best part is sharing your experience with the person you love most. Everyone likes to make this event just perfect in every way. Flowers are one of the most expensive items people buy for their wedding, and if a couple decides to go with real roses, they need to spend more than $5000 for flowers. In the end, a couple who want roses ends settling with carnations because of their budget restrictions.

But now there is no need to end up sacrificing your dream wedding wish of using roses for the unique event!

Fortunately, wooden roses wedding bouquets are the less expensive option available. Sola wood roses are as beautiful as the real roses with such admirable features that brides fell in love with these wooden blooms.

All you need to know about wooden roses wedding bouquets:

Wooden roses are made of a natural material called shoal or sola. This material is obtained from Tapioca plant or Balsa tree wood. That is why these bouquets are commonly known as "balsa wood flower bouquet." Now, it is pretty much clear that "what are sola flowers?".

There are many benefits of using wooden roses wedding bouquets; the most obvious is their price. These wooden flowers are durable, easy to fit in any floral decoration, biodegradable, pollen-free, available in a wide variety of colors, and that is why they are perfect for any theme wedding.

How to make wooden flowers

Sola wood flower making is not so complicated, and almost anyone can make these blooms just by watching any video tutorial about wood flower making. To create wooden roses wedding bouquets, you need sola wood sheets or sola wood paper. You can buy these sola wood sheets online, which are obtained from shaves of balsa tree bark.

This bought sola wood paper online is then used to craft sola wood roses. Every single flower composed of this sola wood sheet, or the paper is crafted by hand, and no machines are used to give these sheets a shape of sola wood flower. This hand-making of sola wood flowers is an ideal way to create every flower customization that is identical to original flowers.

Where to get sola wood roses?

It is unnecessary to make sola wood roses by yourself, but you can easily buy sola wood roses online. There are lots of websites and online shops that offer balsa wood flowers wholesale. You can purchase loose flowers online and then use these roses to create wooden roses wedding bouquet.

The best and most affordable option to create wooden roses wedding bouquet is to buy loose wooden roses from tapioca flower wholesale shop and then craft fantastic wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding decoration items on your own according to the wedding theme.

How to make a balsa wood flower bouquet?

Creating a wooden bouquet with sola wood roses is not much different than making a bouquet with real flowers. The only difference is the use of a few various tools according to the requirement of the material they are crafted.

To create a fantastic wooden roses wedding bouquet, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First, you have to choose your color for wooden roses; these sola wood roses are available in vibrant colors, including the original ivory color.
  2. The next step is assembling the tools and supplies you need to create a balsa wood flower bouquet. Bundle these wooden roses similar to the real flowers and group these together in the shape of a bouquet.
  3. Add other items like accent foliage, sparkles, and faux greenery evenly throughout the bouquet.
  4. Finally, complete the bouquet's formation by adding ribbon and other accessories to give a proper wedding bouquet look.

Wooden roses for a bridal bouquet are a versatile choice:

  • Sola wood roses are budget-friendly and also the most versatile choice for a bridal wedding bouquet. There is a long list of wood rose's bouquet advantages that make these blooms better than their traditional version.
  • Virtually you can say that wooden roses wedding bouquets last forever so that they can be the best keepsake for a wide variety of events. According to the requirements, it is also possible to add fresh flowers scent by using essential oils drip onto the flowers.
  • To hold the first place in the competition with original and faux flowers, bendable stems of sola wood roses are primary factors. This is a built-in-attachment feature that helps you to out flowers where you cannot use their organic version.
  • Toss bouquet is a great tradition among brides. The durability of wooden roses allows you to perform all the traditional and fun activities being carefree.
  • These wooden roses wedding bouquetis not only a perfect keepsake, but it is also possible to use these blooms in different floral arrangements or floral centerpieces to make your living place look amazingly fabulous.

Uses of wooden roses wedding bouquet for wedding decorations:

Wooden roses can be used for a variety of beautiful things at a wedding. It is a lovely idea to celebrate a complete rose theme wedding. You can use sola wood roses throughout all the areas of your wedding event.


Wooden roses have replaced the original flowers in centerpieces just correctly. They are inexpensive and look merely excellent, and these blooms can be used as wedding favors for your guests.

Boutonnieres & Corsages:

To buy real flower boutonnieres and corsages, you have to spend a minimum of $10-15 per corsage or boutonnieres. Buying or making of corsages and boutonnieres with sola wood flowers requires half of your budget used for these items made of real flowers.

Other wedding decorations:

Wooden roses wedding bouquet is also used in creating other floral decorations for a wedding in most reasonable price options. These floral decorations include:

  • Decorative walls for a photo session
  • Wedding aisle decorations
  • Wedding cake decorations
  • Bridal accessories like a floral crown, flower garland, and ornamental hairpins

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