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May 02, 2021 4 min read

It's getting around to your wedding day. You've been anticipating this moment for a long time and with good thoughts. It is your life's most special day. Consider yourself surrounded by your closest friends and family, all of whom are celebrating love, kindness, and unity. Although many people believe that wedding planning is difficult, this is not the case. If you don't hire a wedding planner, you will always have a great time planning and sticking to a schedule.

Sola wood blooms have recently grown in popularity, not only because they are a more environmentally friendly choice but also because they are more versatile and reliable in quality. Sola wood flowers are still "in season," which is a huge plus for those planning a wedding or celebration where the date is not in their hands.

You might think that fake wedding flowers are tacky, but you'd be wrong. For certain people, sola wood flowers might be a safer option. Because of their year-round availability, you will spend more time DIY-ing. This is an excellent way to save time and money on one of the most significant wedding expenses. Faux flowers can seem to be more costly at first, but they are more cost-effective in the long run. They don't even seem to be fake. They are fictitious, so they give you some leverage over your big day. These sola wood flowers, like your memories, will last a lifetime.

Check out the guides below for any ideas about using sola wood flowers before you place an order to woodflowers.com.

·       Set a budget:

We understand that money can be a touchy topic, particularly when it comes to your wedding day. The first term that comes to mind is "expensive." Setting a budget early on is the easiest way to prevent future headaches. You and your fiancé should sit down and figure out a budget that works for all of you. If your family has volunteered to assist, sit down with each member individually to discuss how they can help. If you are on a deficit, remember that DIY is a fantastic option for saving time and money.

·       Manage cost:

Many new brides are combining fresh and sola wood flowers to save money on difficult-to-find flowers, and they have discovered that high-quality sola wood flowers are equal in price to fresh flowers. While certain sola wood flowers are less expensive than real flowers, quality is worth the extra money. So do your homework because getting a good price on sola wood stems can be a smart way to save money while maintaining consistency. When sola wood flowers are combined with actual stems and tastefully arranged, they can perform wonders. It can be difficult to tell the difference between these mixed relationships until they are handled properly.

·       Don't procrastinate:

Just because you are using sola wood flowers doesn't mean you should wait until the last minute to choose them. You should look for bouquet designs on the internet and, if possible, enlist the assistance of a specialist months before the wedding, just as you would when buying fresh floral arrangements. You will have peace of mind knowing how many roses you need, re-order if necessary, and mark one item off your to-do list by beginning your crafts early.

·       Trust high-quality sola wood flowers:

While buying flowers from the dollar store or another craft store could be more cost-effective, investing in top-of-the-line sola wood flowers is a better choice, particularly if you want fake flowers that look genuine. This is a better investment because not only do they look natural, but they can also last a lifetime, much like your love. With high-quality roses, you'll be reminded of your wedding every day, and depending on how well they are cared for, you may be able to hand them down to future generations.

Who knows! One day, your children will use the same bouquet at their wedding. Sola wood flowers can last for years if properly cared for.

1.    Test the flowers first

Examining the consistency of artificial flowers is important, just as it is when purchasing a new vehicle. Try out the flowers by buying a few and matching them to the competition; this is the easiest way to figure out which ones are right for you.

2.    Pick up the right arrangement extras

Before you can start DIYing, you need to gather all of your materials. Nice centerpieces and posies need more than just flowers and ribbon. If you're making centerpieces, you'll also need a vase or cup, double-sided foam tape, and floral tape, moss, cutting pliers, and a specialized kind of floral foam. Any other future requirements should be discussed with experienced online crafters.

3.    Decide to DIY or Not

You should DIY your bouquets instead of paying a specialist if you want to use sola wood flowers to save money at the same time. This is a fantastic choice for those with a creative bent and a large number of crafty mates. Look for bouquet ideas on Pinterest and other crafting sites, and allow yourself plenty of time to finish the bouquets or centerpieces.

4.    Keep it simple

Another famous blunder made by couples who use fake flowers? To compensate for the absence of fresh blooms, they over think the arrangements. You are not obligated to do this. The elegance of the sola wood flowers can carry even the simplest of arrangements, so go for sleek and stylish.

5.    Check your options

Sola wood flowers are among the most common artificial flowers for weddings, and they come in a variety of styles. You may also use elements such as branches and garlands in your design.


Sola wood flowers for a wedding are a lifesaver regardless of your budget, lifestyle, wedding date, or venue. Their convenience, year-round availability, and affordability will elevate every wedding.

With the right sola wood flowers, you can build the wedding you've always dreamed of. If the flowers you want are not in season, going the sola wood route gives you complete artistic control and year-round access to exotic flowers.

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