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April 02, 2021 4 min read

Flowers are a big part of every wedding from ancient times. These are the best possible way to add life, color, and vitality to every wedding day. There is a long list of floral items for a wedding, from the bridal bouquet to attention-getting ceremony backdrops and floral bridal accessories to boutonnieres for groom and groomsmen.

Every year wedding flower trends change or get modified, but this year wedding trends have taken a turn of almost 180 degrees. Big gatherings are reduced to intimate ceremonies, and prolonged celebrations are transformed into limited-time ceremonies. All it is because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has completely changed the way of life for us. Either you are eloping, rescheduling a previously postponed wedding, throwing a little get-together in your backyard, or anything in between flowers are still the darlings who actually complete an event.

Every year wedding flower ideas get a new touch of innovation, and most couples don't stick with the traditional ways of using flowers for their wedding décor. To make their wedding stand out in photos, wedding videos and get maximum likes on Instagram and Facebook, they consider fresh ideas to revamp traditional and regular floral styles.

Before discussing some of the latest wedding floral trends, it is really important to understand to major points:

Hiring a florist:

It would be best if you worked on the major factor before deciding on your wedding flower and floral arrangements. Hire a florist whose idea would enrich the experience. Employ vendors throughout the wedding planning period and work with a pro who knows just what kind of theme you are looking for. An experienced florist can guide you in the right way about wedding flowers, their quantity, styles, what kind of floral arrangements will go with the plan, and how much of the budget you need for wedding flowers. Their knowledge will also assist you in selecting the right blooms for your venue and other requirements, as well as bringing your wedding flower ideas to life.

Selection of flowers:

It not about choosing a particular kind of flower that is expensive or distinct among all other blooms, but it is about choosing between real and fake flowers. As pandemic has changed our way of thinking completely in every way, our floral options for weddings are also changed. It is not about rare flowers and imported or local flowers, but now the discussion has elaborated on artificial and real blooms. Though faux flowers were already in business, they have become more relevant in this time of social distancing and avoiding allergy issues.

Now wood flowers are a new reality for most weddings and other occasions. Their durability, pollen and allergen-free nature, affordability, and many other benefits have motivated almost everyone to make these blooms a prior option for weddings and other events. These hand-made flowers crafted from balsa tree wood's bark allow you and your florist to do experiments to keep wedding matters more sizzling and unique from regular wedding affairs. The wide color range is another factor that adds more weight to the choice of sola wood blooms. These times of uncertain situations having flowers that last for longer provide you peace of mind and allow you to get wedding flowers weeks before the wedding.

Innovative ideas for wedding flowers this year:

Woodflowers.com has gathered a few inspiring ideas before you start decorating your wedding venue. We have created a list of few exclusive wedding flower ideas that will wow your guests. These contemporary flower designs are unlike anything you have ever seen. These floral arrangements composed of sola wood flowers will look stunning in your wedding pictures.

You just have to take note of your favorite wedding flower ideas and share them with your florist to bring your floral fantasies to life on your big day:

·        Floating flowers:

Floral monograms have been used before, but rarely floating on moss in a luxurious waterscape surrounded by islands with candles and flower arrangements. Get adventurous with your floral wedding plans, whether your place has a pool or pond. It is an opportunity to craft a jaw-dropping arrangement.

·        Signage with flowers:

Wedding signs are a wise investment because they can aid visitors in finding their way around your place. Decorate the signs with extra wedding flowers to make it stand out—this will get the eyes of passers-by.

·        Flowers in buckets:

To make visitors feel like they have arrived at an event with European vibes, decorate your wedding venue with metallic buckets brimming with flowers. Specific stems of romantic blooms such as peonies, garden roses, tulips, or lilacs will perfectly blend with this aesthetic and create a dreamy look.

·        Clusters of Ombre:

With this exclusive wedding flower concept, embrace the color wheel. Stick with one base shade and use the gradients in the paint scheme instead of attempting to mix so many different hues. Use hanging flower installations with an evolution of colors from soft beige to deep maroon. It will add a pop of color to your wedding venue in a completely different way.

·        Flowers in acrylic boxes:

The strongest wedding floral ideas are only sought by looking beyond the box. For a contemporary take on wedding decor, you can place flower arrangements inside acrylic frames. This is a perfect way to keep your wedding flowers healthy during your nuptials if you are planning to save them. These boxes can preserve sola wood wedding flowers for an even more long time with no dust or moisture issues.

·        Aisle décor with pampas grass:

Pampas are a must for a bohemian wedding!

The neutral beige or muted pink shades of this dried wedding flower are two important colors of every boho color scheme. You can use pampas grass around the wedding aisle and at the altar while designing the floral arrangement. Small clusters can also be used in bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and wedding centerpieces to make your wedding looks more impressive.

·        Mix bridal bouquets:

A lot of dried flowers and natural textures are added to bridal bouquets, but that doesn't mean brides shouldn't use bright colors! Couples appeared to want to throw caution to the wind when it came to flowers as they navigated the highs and lows of wedding planning this year. Brides should select bouquets that represent their distinct sense of style and personality.

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