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March 08, 2020 2 min read

Sola wood flowers allow you to do all wonders that you create with the original flowers, even so much more. There are no limitations that bound you by any kind of restrictions when it is about using wooden flowers in your wedding arrangements and decoration. No need to worry about wilting, even in a humid and hot climate. Sola wooden flowers are eco-friendly, sustainable, as well as affordable, and that is why everyone feels wonderful using these flowers as alternatives to real flowers.

Like original flowers, these can be incorporated into wedding bouquets, centerpieces, floral bridal accessories, and even wedding cakes. Let’s look at some options to create stunning centerpieces for the wedding reception table:

Use Canister or vases:

Using canisters or some colored glass vases, both are stunning as well as sweet. You can also pop sola wood flowers into antique bottles, unused coffee cans, ceramic jugs, or even these can be astonishing parts of fruit vases like pineapple or watermelon vase.

Lanterns and candles:

Candles and lanterns with flickering candles are symbols of light and hope, but overflowing lanterns with sola wood flowers look equally stunning. Put the candle in a glass jar or vase and decorate it with wood flowers, or you can also wrap it with sola wooden flower wreath.

Wooden crates, trays, and boxes:

It is fabulous to add sola wood flowers in plates with signage, fruits, or candles. For rustic wedding theme to create more original looks, use boxes and crates untouched decorated with sola flowers. You can also paint these options with your desired color choices; you can add fairy lights also to add more glow into these floral centerpieces.

Mirror trays and Jewels:

You can arrange a mirror surface table having candle holders embellished with pearls, crystals, and jewels, and to add the beauty of nature, use sola wood flowers to decorate it. It can be your cake/dessert table with a unique concept of colors, lights, gems, and mirror reflections.

Variety of options:

No matter what is the theme of your wedding, possibilities are limitless, and with sola wood flowers, you are tension free. Indoor wedding or an outdoor venue wooden flowers are equally gorgeous anywhere. You can try unique items with sola wooden flowers such as:

  • Use geometrical planters to display the softness and delicacy of sola flowers.
  • For outdoors, use driftwood or bark decorated with sola flowers to create a more vibrant look.
  • Try sola wood flower petals shower that exactly starts just after saying ‘’I do’’.

Do you know what the best thing about sola wood flowers is? You can enjoy your flowers for a much longer time and recreate decorative wonders with sola flowers many times and for various occasions.

A word from woodflowers.com:

Sola wood flowers are amazingly adjustable with any arrangement ideas for every wedding venue. For wooden floral bouquets and wood flower arrangements, you can contact with garden designers and stylists at woodflowers.com. You can order customized floral bouquets and floral arrangements and also pick from the already well designed decorative items.

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