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February 20, 2020 2 min read

You get amazing freedom and flexibility to design wooden bouquets. These wood flowers and wooden bouquets offer exotic flowers at a very affordable price. It is easy to paint these flowers to get the perfect shades of your theme wedding color and there are no such restrictions of season and weather to arrange any kind of flowers in any colors. With these faux flowers and wooden bouquets you also get the options of choosing something more unique and artistic.

 To transform your wedding decorations from ordinary to fantastic the combination of wooden bouquets, flowers, and lightings are simply spectacular. It makes everything look more beautiful and attractive on your big day.

To create more bling full and brightening wedding celebrations you can experiment with your wooden bouquets and wedding lights in numerous ways and woodflowers.com is sharing some brilliant ideas to do this in a stylish way:

Add some glitter and shine:

It is good to follow the tradition and to have a traditional bridal bouquet, and centerpieces, but adding a flair of shine and glittering to these accessories simply doubles the charm. You can add sparkling beads, shining crystals, and radiant jewelry in your bridal bouquet. Decorating wooden bouquets of table centerpieces with silver and gold glitter also enhances the luminous effect.

Light up your blooms:

Gleaming and glittering flowers create a dreamy environment that brings romance to the top. Wooden bouquets are durable and you can easily use LED lights to decorate these floral bouquets without any tension of wilting or drying flowers. These are easy to use with artificial flowers because they don’t heat up and they add a touch of wonder to your wedding.

Paint the blossoms:

Wood bouquets allow you to use these as you wish. You can use golden, silver, and copper spray paints to color a few of the flowers in your wedding bouquet or centerpiece bouquets to create a trendy and modern look.

Pearls of elegance:

To add a whimsical and magical touch to the beauty and grace of wooden bouquets and flowers you can add pretty and cute pearls to the floral pieces to bring a fairytale look and believe it, the bride simply loves it.

Stylish Vase and strands:

If you don’t want to alter the natural look and originality of your wooden bouquet, but still need some shimmering glimpses then you can choose the option of stylish shinning vases and strands. You can use sparkled and embedded embellishments to decorate the floral vases and strands.

A word from woodflowers.com:

Woodflowers.com is participating to create beautiful floral wonders at your wedding for the last 25 years. Amazing wooden bouquets, wooden wedding flowers, and other floral wedding accessories are the specialties of woodflowers.com.

Woodflowers.com love to experiment with their sola wood flowers and allows you also to boost the power of your imagination to make some experimental efforts to create iconic masterpieces with our wood wedding flowers on your big day.

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